Vicki Pettis-Purvis

Thank you for your website. I love all of the articles. This is all new to me but now that I’ve begsn I can’t stop. This journey is on a whole other level I can’t even explain. I sometimes feel like something is wrong with me until I read stories and articles like those posted here and I realize I’m not insane I’ve just went through a new door that most people will never find, thdt leads to a place full of new wonderful experiences and emotions. I’ve had conversations with some wonderful people. I see compassion and support in comments all the time. I’m truly amazed by the love in this community and willingness to help guide others. It all blows my mind, and makes my heart happy. I was loosing faith in people and now I see something good again. I’m so excited right now because of things happening in my life. I’m sharing this site with others hoping someone will be brave enough to come join us and find that spark their life needed too. Thanks to all the writers here. Blessings to you all and to see LL other readers.
Most Sincerely,

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