I first learnt about spanking at ( or across ) my mothers knee. These were memorable meetings with her hairbrush, I soon found that resistance was futile, tears inevitable and that escape into the rose garden made it worse later. This was a time just before television and was the heyday of spanking, a time when family magazines carried advertisements showing wives being spanked for buying the wrong brand of coffee ! Spankings were a common occurrence, so not much notice was taken of them.

These were the ” Good Old Days ” !

One summer afternoon I was with the girl next door, in her garage, when I had the idea that I would like to spank her and she agreed. We were 9 or 10 at the time. Using the only position I was then familiar with I started to smack away and soon found the petticoats of the time limiting and got permission to raise it. I can still see her bottom now, oh what a sight ! On with the smacking until my hand got sore
which I had not thought about before, now I knew why my mother had that damned hairbrush ). We did not have a hairbrush but all boys at that time wore thick wide belts and again she said yes. I was having the time of my life, my first payback, it did not matter that Susan was now struggling for all she was worth and crying, not to mention that she had nothing to do with me being regularly spanked in the first place. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me and the beginning of a lifetime passion.

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In my teen years, I must confess to spanking several boys when girls were not available. These adventures gave me a feeling of power ( or was it of control ) but were not a particular turn on sexually. I eagerly read spanking accounts in the newspapers, one of which had a front page photograph of a local girl being spanked by an American sailor.

I then met my first wife and she received several richly deserved spankings, however, she preferred massage to a proper spanking. What she missed out on !

There are many reasons why spanking a lady is so enjoyable!

There is the thrill of the chase as few come right out with it and ask to be spanked, at best there is quiet acquiescence when the proposition is put to them. Once this agreement is reached I do not let them easily back away. ( Particularly if I have engineered the events which have put them into the situation ! )

Quickly selecting a location may be a challenge as spanking opportunities can be be spur of the moment events. The placement across the lap, the adjusting of her clothing, the first smack, the way her voice goes up an octave or two, the whimper and the tears as her body relaxes across yours are all parts of this enjoyment. This is a full fledged spanking and is what a lot, if not most, women are really looking for and I like them to be completely satisfied with my efforts.

In my mind a spanking is a serious affair but can be approached with a sense of humour and fair play ( this is why the terms “spanking partner” and “playmate” are interchangeable ). I have tremendous respect for women who voluntarily ask to be spanked and receive a spanking with a degree of decorum. I understand some of a women’s needs in this area and do not feel superior to her because I have been fortunate enough to have spanked her. I do maintain a certain bearing and presence on appropriate occasions. Respect between spanking partners is important and goes towards building the powerful chemistry of spanking.

A ladies physical appearance does not matter greatly, although I do like a firm bottom. Spanking an attractive women does lift the male ego. I have found that educated women can be most engaging and have fond memories of a lawyer, an accountant and a very attractive blonde high school teacher receiving spankings. They were all in their 30’s at the time, not that age matters. One wanted to try it out and the others to get over their feelings of guilt about failed relationships. Spanking involves a complex set of factors, both mental and physical, which adds to the subjects fascination. A spanking should not be rushed into ( it can be a three act play, if you want it to be ), but should a ” target of opportunity ” appear, I will do my best to see that it is smacked.


As far as clothing goes, practicality is a major consideration. The rearrangement of her clothing is an important part of the spanking ritual. Something which is either easy to move up over the hips, such as a full cut or pleated skirt or pants which can be easily taken down are the most suitable coverings. Tight skirts or dresses do present a real obstacle to a bare bottom spanking. It has often seemed a shame to me to have to undo all the good work involved in getting into some dresses. Aesthetically, a dress which can easily be lifted with stockings and lace panties ( colour coordinated, of course ) frame the target area nicely. In winter track suits are good as they are easy to adjust and replace to keep the bottom warm during breaks. In summer a light top and lycra shorts are excellent as the body rapidly warms up during an energetic session and an air conditioned room is preferred otherwise both of you can end up in a sea of perspiration. Of course there is also the no clothes option !

There are many more spanking positions than the Karma Sutra lists for conventional sex.

I prefer to use the over the lap position as it is good for control and it is the position most ladies associate with spanking. I also like the closeness of our bodies in this position.

Spanking is the second most all consuming way of bonding between a man and a women. It also combines the main elements of passion : preparation ( “the prelude” ), the act and the memory.

When I spank a women I will take her to her limit several times, easing back between, finally I take her through this limit to the emotional and sometimes climactic release which lies beyond. Unless otherwise requested, I do minimise marking but some ladies leave with bruising which can take 2 to 3 days to go away. This is the last confession. Can I be ” gentler “, well yes but that diminishes the overall effect.

Fate ( and history ) has not treated other confessors well, so I will end this now.

P.S. A spanking is also a good way of turning a sophisticated demure lady into a tearful girl in under a minute

( the other way is to cut up her credit cards ).


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