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If SpankingLife had a mission statement it would be:

“To promote all forms of spanking”


Over the years we have found a few spanking soul mates and you may click below to read their words:

Lady Layne (egalitarian)

“Louiza” (female & submissive)

“Steve” (male & dominant)

( Others are to be added – we are looking for contributions from a true ” femdom ” and a ” submissive ” male! )

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Selected literature will be available through spankozblog soon and a letters page is available for experiences which you wish to share with the rest of the spanking community.

SpankingLife provides personal consulting for those interested in spanking ( giving, receiving, both and watching, if you must ).

  • Please have a look at our archives as well.
  • We would very much like guest contributions – if you want to join us, please contact us!
  • The contact spankoz page gives our contact information along with some general information.


Spankoz actively encourages spanking play at all levels and stress equality particularly sexual equality, in spanking.
We also encourage the use of implements, as outlined in the ” spencer spanking plan ” ( there is now a copy of the plan available ) as a way of achieving equality. We have been working on the spankoz plan for spanking partners. Spankoz supports all forms and mixes of bottom smacking as long as it is consensual and no permanent damage is done. We acknowledge that spanking play and sexuality are linked, but try not to dwell on it. We are female friendly but not femdom, as some have misconstrued this concept. ( some women think that they can strike a man and that he is not allowed to strike back, well this may be a case for a little non consensual retribution upon her bottom, but be careful! We sort of have the opinion of the great american jurist, judge judy to support this proposition. ) We are not male chauvinists, but we realise that the greater number of site visitors are men.

As we observe the present situation with spanking we note that the greatest problem appears to be an underestimation of the role of women. As it was recently put to us ” just because I have a womb does not mean that I do not also have a mind! “.

Men and women should equally be able to express an interest in spanking without becoming predatory.

Why should you not be able to take someone’s hand, place it on your seat and ask ” would you be so kind ” or be able to pat a likely bottom ( in appropriate circumstances ) and ask ” would you like me to ? “. You can still be told ” in your dreams.”, as happens now!

If these attitudinal changes took place there would be as many spanking opportunities available as anyone could want or need.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy our site!


  1. Thank you for your website. I love all of the articles. This is all new to me but now that I’ve begsn I can’t stop. This journey is on a whole other level I can’t even explain. I sometimes feel like something is wrong with me until I read stories and articles like those posted here and I realize I’m not insane I’ve just went through a new door that most people will never find, thdt leads to a place full of new wonderful experiences and emotions. I’ve had conversations with some wonderful people. I see compassion and support in comments all the time. I’m truly amazed by the love in this community and willingness to help guide others. It all blows my mind, and makes my heart happy. I was loosing faith in people and now I see something good again. I’m so excited right now because of things happening in my life. I’m sharing this site with others hoping someone will be brave enough to come join us and find that spark their life needed too. Thanks to all the writers here. Blessings to you all and to see LL other readers.
    Most Sincerely,

    • Sorry for the late reply as I just saw this – thank you very much for the compliment!!
      Yes, of course, as society makes as spankers feel as if we were doing something wrong, it’s difficult to unplug…
      Thanks for the compliment again and you’re always welcome to comment here (or guest post etc… )


    • I am a man and have much to teach this world. I can hold and I teach. No matter how you were raised any child of man must be spanked in order to hold what has been taught before. Even if years have passed a spanking on the bare bottom can raise you up to the place mother and father have brought you to before. I seek both boys and girls that desire to be spanked in order to keep their life straight. And I mean further then what could be called discipline. I mean to spanked on your bare bottom until there is red skin bruises and tears from the place that pain will raise you up once more and fill your pride.

      Email me back and tell me what you think I will come to you.

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