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This Plan is being evolved, in part, as an update of the SPENCER SPANKING PLAN, which is now 70 years old. There are some conceptual differences in the way in which we have approached our plan. We have therefore chosen a new title but still freely acknowledge the debt that is owed to Dr. Spencer.

These Plans are for couples, if you are looking for someone to partner you in a plan, well your first task is to find him / her. ( Even Mrs Beeton’s famous chicken recipe starts of with ” First catch your chicken “. )

What follows is a discussion paper and we would appreciate any and all comments:

In the early 1900’s American society acted as a catalyst for social change in many ways which have impacted upon the rest of the world. Half a centaury before a Civil War had been fought over slavery (more economic than human rights issues were involved, but that is not our subject ). The next group to be ” freed ” were women, this was when, amongst other changes, the right to vote was won.

At this time corporal punishment was in wide use both by the State and in the home. It may also be said that not much notice was taken of it and that it could be quite severe by today’s standards. Wife beating was generally an accepted practice ( if you were a child, well anyone could beat you ).

It was against this background that the Spencer Spanking Plan was conceived. Dr. Spencer established a set of written rules that would resolve marital differences by the ” guilty ” party being spanked by their spouse for committing previously agreed to offences. Request spankings were provided for and provision for the punishment of single girls was also made.

The plan equalised the punishment by allowing the man to use only his hand with the women across his lap ( which limits the force of the spanking ) and requiring that the woman was to use certain implements with the man lying face down. There were restrictions such as not breaking the skin, but crying was allowed.

Since mentioning the Spencer plan and our motto of ” Sexual Equality Through Spanking ” on our Home Page, we have received numerous comments and suggestions. As a result of these SpankingLife has decided to produce this page which will lead to the SpankingLife plan.


The SpankingLife Plan For Spanking Partners is for any two people who wish to use spanking as a way of punishment to change behaviour or as a form of adult recreation. The important principles are equality and consent. Why “Partners ” ? Because many individuals do not have a spouse or partner who is prepared to enter into an agreement such as this. It is important to note that neither plan directly involves sexual activities with spanking ones.

The SpankingLife plan enlarges on the equality of the Spencer plan by allowing for the method of spanking to be changed, together with a number of additional variations to meet the needs of the moment. Many women can take a spanking as well as any man and this should be taken into account when entering into an agreement.

Several versions of the Spencer plan, which we have seen, are unclear as to the situations in which a reverse spanking is to be given. The reverse or ” turnaround ” spanking is an important provision as it acts as a restraint upon one partner excessively spanking the other. It should be given as soon as possible after the first spanking. ( A short cooling off period may be a good idea if the first recipient thinks that they did not deserve the initial spanking ). The SpankingLife plan requires a reverse spanking only when the original spanking was given for a reason that was not clearly agreed to in the written agreement. This is designed to stop both “wife beating ” and the excesses of some ” femdoms “.

There is some concern about punishment and non punishment spanking being covered in the one plan. The way which is being looked at is to make a list, which may be detailed or general, of what is to happen in each case. Example, if one plan participant comes home say 30 minutes late this may result in 2 minutes over the knee or ” six of the best ” with the cane. “Darling, I need spanking ” may mean a light session before bed or hairbrush and tears on the spot. This freedom of choice is important if the plan is to work for everyone. The method of delivering the spanking and the setting, including the degree of scolding, if required,can be set out to suit each partner.

If there is still a problem with punishment spankings, why not set aside one area and method for them ( eg. use a special paddle and the kitchen table on these occasions ). If you are on the receiving end, remember that you have agreed to being spanked and the person doing it is doing it for you and that they are allowed to enjoy doing it . Fix in your mind the reason for your punishment. Imagine that a machine is spanking you so you do not feel resentment. Other punishment methods may also be included.

Our plan suggests that partners start off with a across the lap hand spanking ( bare bottom ) and move on from there as previously agreed. This position accentuates the submission and vulnerability of the person being spanked. Being sent to the bedroom to prepare etc. increases the dramatic effect, the plan does not require the recipient to undress beforehand but they are required to provide their bottom unclothed when assuming the spanking position. This spanking can serve to warm up the bottom in preparation for what is to come.


We also wish to look at occasions where a more severe punishment may be called for, for example when one partner refuses to submit to a spanking under the terms of this plan or exceptional circumstances such as being unfaithful. Are these and like situations ones that should call for a series of spankings ( still maintaining the principle of not engaging in the dispute outside of the spanking session(s) ). Should a third party be called in in the case of physical incapacity ?

A word for the Ladies !


Spanking can be very cathartic for both parties. Men are particularly fond of enduring physical pain in their devotion to love or in the service of an important cause. For men enduring physical pain can be a powerful symbol of manhood. All the more when that pain is at the request of their love.

For you the act of spanking can be a way to release and direct your anger. The next time that you find that your anger has overwhelmed your love for your husband try pulling down his pants and paddling him on the buttocks, hard, until you can truly forgive his wrong and make love to your husband. Vent your anger against his buttocks until you forget his transgression and feel sorry for him.

……. Lady Misato

The intention of the SpankingLife plan is to combine the three previous agreements into one form. We would like to provide an illustrated version for those who can not read.

Again,your comments on this plan are most welcome.