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Spanking photography

February 22, 2019 Steve 0

SPANKING ” BOUDOIR ” PHOTOGRAPHY ( Boudoir photography is a softly sensitive and sensuous portrait of a woman in a relaxed atmosphere . The word […]

Sports spanking

February 9, 2019 Steve 0

Spanking is a physical activity and fit people get a lot more out of it than their ” couch potato ” friends . This means […]

Spanking over the lap

February 1, 2019 Steve 2

The Over the Knee or Across the Lap position is regarded as the most popular spanking position . ( Although the most commonly used is […]

Spanking implement: Paddles

December 2, 2018 Steve 0

  (Care – wooden, light wipe over with damp cloth, keep lightly oiled, English   Goddard’s  products are the best available and contain bee’s wax.  Over time […]