What Men Think About Spanking!

( A female assistant has just asked ” Do men think ? ” , she will be dealt with later under the guise of a training session . )

This page is a mixture of ideas from many sources combined with the Spankoz egalitarian philosophy and applies equally to heterosexual and same sex spanking .

As with most things , men and women think differently about spanking ( see Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus ) . Generally this means a more active and physical approach . They may also , in earlier years , have searched the school library for books ( especially dictionaries ) , sought out movies and TV programs with spanking references and discretely discussed the subject while trying not to show their interest .

As with other intimate activities , men can enjoy a number of partners , where women tend to have only a few or one at a time . Divorcing sex and spanking is a way to reduce the difference in attitude .

Men generally prefer to ” get on with it ” when spanking , women like to talk first .

Men like control and the hunter role , pursuing their quarry until the spanking etc activity takes place . Spanking can be the precursor to sexual activity .

There are four ways that men participate in physical spanking and role playing ( cyber etc. spanking is not discussed here , but can also be enjoyable ) :

  • ” SWITCH ” ROLE ( both of the above )
  • WATCHING ( non participatory ) ROLE


” It makes a man feel good . “
( from MANDINGO )

This the classic male role in spanking , an image of the family disciplinarian . It demonstrates a power over one’s domain , of being the boss and in control . There can be a great satisfaction in having a woman , bare bottomed , across your lap and spanking her until you decide that she has had enough .

( See : Paula Meadows ( Lynn Paula Russell ) and The Janus Collection )

The sight of a bottom is enough to turn on the spanking urge in male predisposed to spanking.


Literally this is the flip side of the Dominant Role . Submission takes many forms , but , in this context it is only a physical one , i.e. to receive a spanking . Aside from the pain aspect , it is the easiest actively involved role . All you have to do is stay in position and leave the rest to the person doing the spanking . Additional forms of submission may be involved .


The mere sight of potential spankers , implements or just a lap can fire the male urge to be spanked :

Spankings may also have a disciplinary aspect and many men ( and women ) like to keep these separate from other types of spanking . These serve to relieve tension and ” clear the air ” . Being reminded of being spanked in this way can be a turn off for some men , but some like it !


Switching roles is a way a lot of men ( and women ) release both dominant and submissive desires during the same spanking session . Men tend to be able to quickly change roles , some women have difficulty doing this and prefer to have a later session in the reverse role . Regardless of the sex of the person being spanked , switching removes most of the natural guilt caused by inflicting pain on another person . This is EGALITARIANISM .


” I like to watch ”
( from a Guinness advertising campaign )

Many men have no wish to actively participate in spanking for a variety of reasons , such as family or community reaction or they may simply like to watch , read or talk about spanking . Most purchasers of SPANKING VIDEOS are men . This is the largest group in the spanking community .



  1. when out drinking and carousing with male friends i am having a great time. My more moral and religious wife strongly disapproves–so when I get home– I know i got a bare padddling coming and my naked butt is gointg to hurt and i am thinking “You damn fool” PS yes it is totatally consenting)

  2. The woman who consents to a man placing her across his lap and then allows her bared butt to be spanked is expressing her trust in this man. She is also a woman who desires a closer or a more inner connected relationship with a man and not the usual & typical mundane arrangement. These “types” of women are highly desirable and VERY often a “Keeper” too!

    • Ray as a woman I believe there is nothing in a marriage a spanking cant fix. My boyfriend and I were together 4 years and when I acted out of character I got a good spanking. It was the best relationship ever. How I miss the discipline and nerves knowing what would happen. It takes a perfect fit and many questions need to be asked before ever meetining. I recommen men study their interests, correct way to correct behaviors and be excellent honest communicators to find the right girl. Strong relationships are the result!

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