Spanking furniture

Normal domestic furniture can be used as ” props ” for spanking . Generally furniture is used for the spanker to sit on or for the recipient to bend over , lie across or to maintain balance . Mirrors and coat stands ( to hang implements from ) add to the visual effect .

This doesn’t mean that homes ( or offices ) need to be refurnished , but when making the next purchase , keep these suggestions in the back of your mind . Examples of how furniture may be used are on the POSITIONS Page .

For purpose built items search for ” spanking bench” on a search engine .


The chair is the most useful piece of furniture , it should be stable and well constructed , without arms or wheels .

The back of the chair should support the spanker’s lower back and allow for easy movement of the upper body , shoulders and arms .

Chairs my be used to support a spankee in a variety of ways . These are best found by experimentation such as placing a chair on it’s front on the floor and lying over it .

Spankees may be placed on a chair .

( CLICK HERE for more photographs and details )

They can also sit on it with their bottom overhanging the edge .


Lounges come in a variety of shapes and sizes , the arms and back should be suitable to send a period of time lying over without discomfort . Cushions should be firm enough to support the weight of the participants in the over the lap position . Again , the upper torso of the spankee can be supported using a lounge .


Low tables ( NOT with glass tops ) , such as coffee tables are also good to sit on and they provide support for the upper body of the spankee . The spankee may be placed on the table .

Small tables , such as bedside tables , are useful to bend over .

One person’s spanking table ,


is another person’s telephone table .


Desks and tables are useful items to bend over or lie on . Leather topped desks have a nice feel to them .


These come in many designs , the larger ones can be used to sit on . Most are good to have the spankee bend or lie over .

Note that he is raising his heels to support her , holding your feet in this way will become tiring . It would be better to bring the feet forward or use ( purchase ) a lower footstool .



These also come in many designs . Most are good to have the spankee bend or lie over .



Beds may be used to lie face down on or the recipient can bend or lie across the foot of the bed . In this regard , a solid foot to a bed is an advantage , cushions or pillows may be used for comfort or to adjust height .


Spanking props take many forms , most visitors will be able to think of some more . Some common ones are Mirrors , coat racks and lamps .

Adjustable lamps are preferred , they may be set to highlight either the spanker or spankee or both . Additional lighting generally produces better quality photography .



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