Spanking implement: Sticks

( Care – wooden, light wipe over with damp cloth , keep lightly oiled , English Goddard’s products are the best available and contain bee’s wax . Over time the bees wax will protect the outer surface and gives an aged appearance . All wooden items should have an exterior coating . Do not seal the surface . It is important not to let the timber go dry or it may split
( some like to keep them in linseed oil , boiled is slightly more expensive but does not stain clothing as much as raw oil does ) . Do not use anything containing silicone on wooden implements . Keep in a dry place . )

The term ” Spanking Stick ” appears to be from the USA . They seem to have come from rulers or yardsticks .

Spanking Sticks are like paddles except for their thinness , which produces an effect more like a stiff heavy cane or dowel rod . The one shown above is made from several pieces of timber .

These are generally used in the bending over position but they can also be used the across the knee ( see Positions ) .

( The Advice and FAQ pages have more practical hints . )

There are variations using canes or dowels ( these bundles were popular in ancient Rome are were often used to depict punishments in art work ) :

Here is a Chinese version :

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