Spanking photography


( Boudoir photography is a softly sensitive and sensuous portrait of a woman in a relaxed atmosphere . The word ” boudoir ” is French in origin and translates to ” a woman’s private sitting room or dressing room ” . Today most regard it as ” the bedroom ” . )


boudoir photos can

increase self-esteem



The boudoir photo , as it is called in the trade , has often been thought of as a guilty pleasure . For a fee , Spankoz can transform the average man’s or woman’s spanking fantasy into real-life images , all during a private shoot .

Whether initially picturing themselves in the centrefold or looking to put some spice back into their relationships , many everyday folks are discovering that these photos can also be a great way to raise self-esteem and explore sensuality and natural beauty . Subjects can choose to wear sexy lingerie or nothing at all , but while often provocative, the photos seldom cross the line into pornography .

” I feel every woman is sensual and sexy just the way she is . ” *

” I don’t make over anybody , I may enhance , but I don’t change anything .” *

Our clients range in age , body type and sexual preference , they almost all are reluctant at first , needing a prod from their spouse or partner to get in front of the lens . However , once they schedule a consultation to settle on the look of the shoot , a certain curiosity emerges . Clients start to wonder how they might look as the spanking centrefold .

” It’s more like a fantasy ” and ” We want to be the girl ( or guy ) in the photo ” are frequent comments .

Spankoz tries to get to know our subjects first and find out something about them before the photo session . We charge $250 to shoot three to six rolls of film in a session that can last most of the day.

” I find what I am looking for , a connection is made and we are having fun . ” *

Simple shots can cost as little as $100 .

Most people have a desire to see themselves as sensual creatures . And the days of people feeling perverted or embarrassed about expressing their sensuality are thankfully gone .

” Wow , I look that good ? ” and ” Damn , that’s hot. ” are two comments that we have had . ( The subjects husband calls it the “ooh-la-la” photo , had it framed and matted . It now hangs in a discrete corner of their living room . )

” A bubble bath , a walk on the ocean , wearing clothing that makes soft brushes on the skin . A woman’s bedroom , dressing room , or any secret place can become the boudoir . Sharing these moments on film for others to view is a real gift . ” *

But good taste isn’t always so easy to find in a client. Unfortunately we regularly have to turn down prospective clients .

The biggest reward is watching clients view finished photos for the first time , which often dispels their own negative body image . Many break down in tears .

We prefer to use the clients ” toys ” but implements can be provided if required .

” I believe every person has a beautiful side to them and I will find it . ” *

Spankoz is located in Australia .

* Quotations from our photographer , a Nikon fanatic .


A method of titling spanking images is to start with sex of subject(s) , position , implement and extra descriptive notes . Each of these can be abbreviated to a few letters .



Many spanking images could be improved . The main failings come from not taking the time to compose the picture and prepare the area .

Composing the shot involves considering the artistic ” theme ” of the picture , it’s ethereal quality . See if anything is out of place or context . Remember that the aim is to produce a spanking shot , not a porn picture . ( ” Body Art ” , studs etc. can be a distraction . These may be discretely covered with clothing , makeup implements etc . ) Make the scene as ” natural ” as possible , with the participants NOT looking at the camera .

Compare the realism in the first shot ( which is a fake , but based on a real spanking – see JANE KACZMAREK ) with the more ” staged ” appearance of the second photograph :


Preparing the area includes :

Removing extraneous items , hiding cables etc .

Setting the lighting , do not rely on flashes unless they are filtered , bounced or your are using more than one . Avoid shadows and reflective surfaces . Light should come from the area of the camera and not the subject .

Use a background that highlights the subject . It should be plain and not a distraction ( unless it is part of the ” theme ” ) . If the furniture is worn etc. , cover with a sheet or table cloth .

The subject should , generally , occupy most of the image . Zoom lenses will help in this aspect . Be careful with the depth of the field , parts of the image may be out of focus , closer objects may be enlarged .

Have a firm base for the camera , use a tripod . The amount of light available will control the shutter speed in most automatic cameras . The greater the light , the faster the shutter is and the less likely the subject is to move in the photograph . Flash synchronization may limit shutter speeds in film cameras .

( Using a motel room may be an option , if looking for an instant ” studio ” . )

If producing an image for the web , keep the image size to around 50 K , you can save it at a higher resolution for your own use or printing . Get a photo editing program , Adobe Photoshop , if you are serious , otherwise whatever you can afford . These programs are often ” bundled ” with scanners and digital cameras . Minimum requirements are an ability to : crop images , adjust file and image sizes , touch up and add text .

These photographs are a quick illustration of how images may be edited by removing unnecessary objects , the camera flash from the man’s head and the ” wrap ” mark from her side .

An interesting variation is the use of ” Before and After ” photographs , where clothing in addition to photographs of positioning etc and pre / post spanked bottoms are taken .