Sports spanking

Spanking is a physical activity and fit people get a lot more out of it than their ” couch potato ” friends . This means they can go longer and harder in a variety of POSITIONS etc . . Athletic backsides are a real turn on to spankers ( and others , for that matter ) . Athletes are generally more aware of their bodies . Gymnasts , particularly with full development in their late teens to early twenties , have particularly well developed bottoms .

Coaches , particularly from Eastern Europe and Asia , have been known to spank their charges .

If you had been caned and subsequently won an Olympic Gold Medal , would you do it again ?

Dawn Fraser

The Australian Olympic Gold Medal winning swimmer from Rome 1960 received her first ever spanking with the strap , aged 23 , after returning from the Olympics , because her father thought she had become big headed . ( We will not mention her behaviour at Tokyo , or her other Gold Medals . )

In an interview on Enough Rope ( ABC TV , Australia ) , with Andrew Denton , August 2004 , she explained that after living and training in America, living in luxury and developing an American accent , she became critical of the family home after returning from the Olympics , which still had an outside loo . After getting up one rainy night to go outside she made her feelings clear , much to the annoyance of her father who waited with the strap when Dawn came back into the house . ” You think you’re too bloody good for this family , and you are now ready to get the first belting you’ve ever had in your bloody life ( her brothers took her spankings for her growing up ) . Drop your daks and get up to your bedroom and lay there ” , he said . Dawn added : ” I thought , ” OK, I can’t get out of this one . ” So I got six straps on the backside . “

Sports and news commentators love to use the word ” spank ” and it’s derivatives in their descriptions of sporting events . ” A seven-run ninth capped a series-evening 11-1 spanking of the Brewers at Miller Park. … ”

Need we mention cheerleaders ?

Some sporting equipment , such as PING PONG and JOKARI Paddles have spanking applications .


Rowing , paddling and canoeing all use paddles which may also be used for spanking . Not to mention the effects of rowing etc on the bottom .