What is egalitarianism?

If one photograph says what SPANKOZ AUSTRALIA is about , this is it .

We thank ( you know who you are ) for sending this image .

( This may be from :

Thy Rod and Staff by Edward Anthony )

( We would like to purchase one of these sculptures , we understand that several were made in the 1980’s .

If you are interested in purchasing a similar work , but in wood , please contact us . )

We recreated the above scene at a recent CLUB FUNCTION :

The type of egalitarianism we refer to is that which should exist between spanking partners . It is not that talked about by the conservative right in politics . It is about equality between the sexes , both in spanking and more generally in life . It is not about lowering everything to a common denominator . It recognises individual achievement and self development . This is our contribution towards levelling the playing field in one area of human activity .

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