Spanking over the lap

The Over the Knee or Across the Lap position is regarded as the most popular spanking position . ( Although the most commonly used is one where the recipient is standing up . )

The view of the spankers lap as the spankee is about to be put into position is an important part of the spanking ritual . This scene may occur in the blink of an eye , or may take several minutes as the spankee is prepared physically and mentally for the spanking .

Seeing a lap can be suggestive , regardless of the circumstances .

Spankers also like to see themselves in this position , either by the use of PHOTOGRAPHY or MIRRORS .

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The Late News with Sandra Sully’s KneeKnee-jerk responses indicate the jury is out on Sandra Sully’s new demeanour on Channel Ten .


If there’s anything to rouse the average heterosexual male from the state of semi-consciousness induced by watching too much quality ABC-TV drama of an evening, it’s the sight of the new-look Sandra Sully presenting the late-night news on Channel Ten.

Sandra Sully presenting the news was never an issue back in the days – many weeks ago now – when all she did was present the news.

She still presents the news, of course, but now, as part of Channel Ten’s much-touted “more relaxed” approach to the presentation of late-night news, Sandra is also presenting a lot more of herself.

This, in and of itself, it not such a bad thing. Sandra Sully is an attractive woman with a pleasing TV presence, as any quick Google search will attest. She is also a good journalist, as her exemplary work covering the September 11, 2001 attacks as they happened proved.

Since February, however, Sandra Sully has been offering us a lot more than the usual head-and-shoulders approach to news reading.

We still get that, but now we also get full-length shots of Sandra taken from the side of her news desk showing her sitting on her stool with legs crossed, usually with knee exposed.

To further enhance the informal air of Ten’s news broadcast, Sandra will even go the bar-lean, casually resting an elbow on the newsdesk as she reads the news.

She is also prone to wearing less formal attire than before, including low necklines and even see-through numbers, one of which she featured recently and which almost prompted me to start taping.

The presentation of self has always been the cornerstone of TV news. The reigning wisdom has been that what people generally want is fairly straightforward: a credible newsreader with a sufficiently pleasant visage.

If a network is lucky they can end up with an anchor whose face comes to symbolise trust and reliability, as with Eric Pearce and Brian Naylor, and, in the United States, Walter Cronkite.

Late-night news, however, has always had the latitude to go a bit more casual, and when done well can give you a pleasing mix of news and entertainment, as we got in the late-1980s with Clive Robertson’s Newsworld and Graham Kennedy’s classic Coast to Coast.

But late-night news has never really been much of a forum for cheesecake – until, that is, the advent of Sandra Sully’s knee. And what a tanned, attractive and singularly newsworthy knee it is. Indeed, an extensive search of the news databases confirms that never in the history of TV news broadcasting has one newsreader’s knee attracted so much attention.

Since the knee’s appearance in February, Sandra Sully’s legs and revealing wardrobe have been covered by The Sydney Morning Herald, The Courier Mail, the Sunday Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun and The Sunday Mail.

The principle behind Ten’s “more relaxed” approach to the news is, of course, that the showing of knees and legs can make the news – especially tough, hard-to-swallow news – easier to digest. It’s a valid point.

Compare the two photographs at left. Now, be honest. From which Sandra Sully would you prefer to hear news of a 1.5 per cent jump in interest rates? The Sandra Sully on the left (no knee) or the Sandra Sully on the right (with knee).

Clearly the balance of opinion during strategy meetings in the Network Ten boardroom is that Sandra Sully with knee is better than Sandra Sully without knee.

However, this view of late-night news presentation by female newsreaders is not universally shared by other networks. Over on Nine, usually at around the same time as Sandra is on, we have Nightline, which is presented by the very presentable and able Helen Kapalos, a journalist who adheres to a more traditional, businesslike demeanour behind the desk.

We contacted Channel Nine to suss out if there were any plans for Helen Kapalos to go the Sandra Sully route and start showing one or other of her knees.

On this point we got an adamant response from David Hurley, Nine’s director of corporate affairs: “Absolutely not. Helen is firmly behind the desk and that’s where she is happy to stay.”

We shall endeavour to keep readers fully informed of further developments on the Knee versus No-Knee debate in late-night news presentation, and have just received word that the ABC has resolutely decided against plans for Tony Jones to begin presenting Lateline in a cocktail dress.



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