The ten most common Spanking fantasies

“A penny for your thoughts, twenty bucks to act them out.”

Top Ten Male Fantasies

1. Sex with a famous celebrity
2. Sex with more than one woman
3. Oral sex (receiving)
4. Sex with a stranger/acquaintance
5. Sex with girlfriend/wife
6. Voyeurism (watching others)
7. Kinky sex (bondage, spanking etc. )
8. Forced sex
9. Being penetrated *anal
10. Sex with another male

Top Ten Female Fantasies

1. Sex with boyfriend/husband
2. Sex with a famous celebrity
3. Sex with more than one man
4. Kinky sex (bondage, spanking etc.)
5. Sensual and romantic sex
6. Oral sex (receiving)
7. Sex with another female
8. Group sex
9. Sex with a stranger/acquaintance
10. Forced sex

………………… Brittany

Two fantasies from : In Trouble Again

I am on a business trip staying at a local hotel. As usual I come back to my hotel room after work and just fling my clothes off and leave them where they fall. I would never do this at home my girlfriend would have a fit and spank me as well. But in the hotel well I know there is maid service. I also order food in and just leave it where it is I do not throw anything out. As well as in the shower I just leave it messy and do not straighten anything out.

Now I be staying at this hotel for 3 weeks and work Mon through Fri and the weekends are my own. Well the first Saturday I decided to sleep late, when I woke up I saw the maid her name is Mary Ann Nelson standing in a blue maid dress about 2″above her knees, she has beet
red nails, red lipstick, she is wearing sneakers and has reddish hair down to her shoulder blades. I do not see it but she is holding a hair brush.

Young man I am very tired of cleaning up your mess, being a maid does not entitle you being a slob. No, either you accept your punishment or I will have you kicked out of this hotel. I knew there was no other hotel close to work so I accepted.

Mary Ann pulled a chair up sat down lifted her skirt up to expose her upper thighs and motioned for me to approach her, she told me to get dress and then approach her lap. She then grabbed me and pulled me across her lap and proceeded to spank me with the hairbrush after about 50 slaps she pulled me up. She then undid my belt, unzipped my fly and undid my pants button and my pants below my knees and pulled
me across her lap again and proceeded to spank me with a leather slipper after about 75 slaps she grabbed me and told me to start cleaning this room up and keep you pants down. After about 45 minutes she called me to her lap again. This time she grabbed my under shorts and pulled them down and pulled me across her lap again and started to give me a long hard hand spanking. She spanked until my face and backside was as red as her fingernails and I was crying and pleading for her to stop promising to be good. Mary Ann finally
stopped and told me to stand in the corner. Just then the door opened and another maid came in her name is Susan Wilson,”So this is the naughty boy, I wish I could have been here to help you but I was delayed”. Just then Mary Ann said”That is OK Susan you can come back tomorrow and the next 2 weeks for bad boy is going to be here 3 weeks and he his going to get a spanking every Sat & Sun while he is here. Barry come here stand in the center and bend over. Now I will show you what will happen if this room is not kept clean. With that she produced an oak paddle with holes in it and gave me 10 swats, you will get 100 from both of us, and then she produced a cane and gave me 10 swats with the cane. Again you will get 100 from each of us as well as the hairbrush, slipper and hand. If the room is kept up the only spanking will be over our laps with our bare hand across your bare ass. With that they left the room. After I stopped crying and
the sting was lessened. I took all my clothes off and cleaned my room. I kept my room very clean you did not even need a maid. So I only received spankings across their laps with their hands on my bare behind and only 50 each. The last Sunday I was there they brought a
masseuse in and she gave me the best massage I ever had and no charge.

Before I left I left Mary Ann & Susan an apology and thank you as well as $100 each for all their troubles and a thank you to the masseuse a $75 for her. I did not realize my name address and phone number was on the notes.

Well when I got home my girlfriend greeted me. Molly said”So bad boy did you behave yourself and she gave me a swat on my butt”I figured she would find out and if I lied to her it would be real bad. With that, she pulled the armless chair out, Barry get HONEY, I knew better than to ague with her, so I got the oak hairbrush and handed it to her and stood in front of her. She was wearing hot pants, she undid my zipper, belt buckle and pants button and pulled my pants down. Pulled me across her lap and proceeded to give me about 25 swats with the hairbrush. Young man just because you are away on a business trip does not mean you have to behave like a slob, next time you better behave. Do you understand, yes MAAM. She then
grabbed my under shorts and pulled them down, just then the phone rang. She answered it and I know she was taking about me. Barry do you know who is on the phone, No MAAM. Well it is Mary Ann & Susan from the hotel girls you can listen in. With that Molly put the phone on speaker and started to spank me with her hand until I was crying and promising all sorts of things. While still across her lap she invited Mary Ann & Susan over for a group spanking next month. They both agreed and I figured now I will really get it.

Well that was the last time I left a messy room. But not the last spanking I was to receive.

Well a guy can wish. Yes I am naughty and have a messy apartment and do deserve a good spanking. I live in New Rochelle, NY and am 49 year old single and not seeing anyone.

Another naughty boy. Thank you in advance.

“The screensaver will be gone very soon, rest assured of that.”, Sylvia vowed.

Nancy finished the spanking and let Roger up.”Go stand in the corner.”, she told him. Surprisingly he complied.”And don’t rub!”, she added as she stood up.

“Here’s your hairbrush, Major Portland.”Nancy handed the brush back to its rightful owner.

“I’m sorry Roger was such a jerk to you. I’ll see that the picture is deleted and that there aren’t any more.”, Sylvia assured her.

“Thanks.”, Nancy said with a smile as she finally shut the curtains, winking at Joy as she did so.”By the way, Major, my husband is in the unit you’re taking over. I do the same thing to him I just did to Roger. If he messes up any, feel free to do the same.”, she informed her husband’s boss.

“I ’m afraid the UMCJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) would frown upon that. More’s the pity.”, Sylvia countered.

“Then just come by the house after work if he ever needs one.”, Nancy suggested as she left. She was done for the day. Behind her Sylvia said as she closed and locked the door,”I do believe I’ll take you up on that sometime.”