Spanking implement: Slippers


( Note : Use the same side slipper as your hand i.e. a right slipper if right handed. It makes a difference ! )


A type of paddling. Most frequently practiced in the United Kingdom but also some of my United States readers admit to having been slippered. Simply use the bottom of a plimsoll or sneaker to apply a number of vigorous strokes (for a predetermined number X, the typical British term is “X of the best”) to the bum of the unfortunate, naughty victim. Slippering changes even the grungiest plimsoll into a highly effective trainer, if you know what I mean. For what it’s worth, I (Charlie) have never been involved with a slippering, either on the sending or receiving end! Some of the reports I’ve received have been:

  1. One reader in the United States reported that his mother used the classic Keds Champion sneaker on his naughty bare bottom when he misbehaved.
  2. Another reader reported that in his old school days, his gym coach gave him quite a slippering with a red low-top Converse”Chuck Taylor” All Star sneaker.
  3. A third reader reported that Dr. Scholl’s sandals work extremely well for this purpose.
  4. One reader reported that his irate girlfriend smacked his bottom with a Nike running shoe, while another reported getting it with a Reebok.
  5. Yet another report on the Internet indicated that a Teva sport sandal is quite effective for this purpose.

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Every so often I visit a very lovely lady for a bit of fun. The first time she slippered me it did not feel a lot different from being spanked, but I have since realised that she was just ‘going easy’ on me that time.

She has a variety of slipper styles to use, the heaviest being a size 10 or so, bloke’s slipper. Personally though. my favourite is one of those lady’s slippers in the style of a ‘flip-flop’, by which I mean it has no upper section at the heel.

This design makes it more pliable. If it is held at the heel, and the sole section used for the smack, it imparts a memorable sting, rather than just a thump.

OTK is great for this, but for a special punishment I have to bend over a desk / table, with enough space to my left side that she can perch on the edge of the same desk. I am then held in place by her left arm over my back during the slippering.

I’d suggest others try this… it’s quite curious in a way, because as the pain grows, I find I cannot help but try to stand, and although I manage it to a degree, being trapped against the desk makes escape virtually impossible, (genuinely).

Of course, you have to be able to trust the other person 100% if you are going to do this, because it can be VERY painful, and you have to be sure that it will stop immediately if you so wish.

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You will LOVE seeing this Barbi doll looking schoolgirl in full uniform being rulered, spanked, strapped, slippered, paddled and caned. In the finale she is stripped and bent over a gym horse for 18 sizzling strokes.
See REAL tears flow as she is taken to the limit. 55 minutes running time. Sample clips are available in the membership area of my main site.

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