Spanking implement: Rulers


(Care  light wipe over with damp cloth. Use a small amount of furniture polish to stop wooden rulers from drying out. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place.)

Rulers, yardsticks etc are often used to administer corporal punishment. They come in several shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. A heavy wooden ruler can be an awesome weapon. (See also  SPANKING STICKS .) They must be brought down parallel to the bottom or the end (or sides) may bruise the skin, leaving marks. The most popular position is over the knee, although the larger ones can be used in the bending over position (see POSITIONS ).

(note : the edges and corners may cause excessive marking and break the skin.)

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  1. I think that using a ruler is fine if you want to cause minimum damage,as a ruler Really
    doesn’t cover much territory. But for maximum amount of coverage use a weight lifting belt

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