Spanking implement: Paddles


(Care – wooden, light wipe over with damp cloth, keep lightly oiled, English   Goddard’s  products are the best available and contain bee’s wax.  Over time the bees wax will protect the outer surface and gives an aged appearance. All wooden items should have an exterior coating. Do not seal the surface. It is important  not to let the timber go dry or it may split (some like to keep them in linseed oil, boiled is slightly more expensive but does not stain clothing as much as raw oil does). Do not use anything containing silicone on wooden implements. Keep in a dry place.)


For many, the paddle is the symbol of corporal punishment.  They may be made from wood, leather or synthetic materials.  They are made in a variety of sizes. Paddles must be brought down parallel to the bottom or the edges may bruise the skin, leaving marks. Edges and corners should be rounded to a radius of more than a US 25c piece.


The most popular paddling position is the bending over position but it can be used in other positions, particularly lying (see POSITIONS ).


(Comparison of the impact of a cane with that of a paddle.)

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