Spanking implement: Hairbrushes

(Care  light wipe over with damp cloth. Use a small amount of furniture polish to stop wooden brushes from drying out. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place.)
(Note the use of a ” leg lock ” to stop kicking.)

These probably rival the cane as a symbol of domestic corporal punishment. They come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. A heavy wooden hairbrush can be an awesome weapon. They must be brought down parallel to the bottom or the end may bruise the skin, leaving ” tip ” marks. The most popular position is over the knee, although the larger ones can be used in the bending over position (see POSITIONS ).

Hairbrushes with sharp square corners should be avoided.

Larger hairbrushes (say 10 inches plus) are difficult to find, but do turn up in second hand and op shops.

Sterling silver ones can make a fashion statement, but the handles are weak and the backing for the bristles may crack with use.


(This one not recommended for bare bottoms, it has sharp edges and raised relief.)
(This is a classic wood style.)
(These ” Paddle ” style ones tend to split down the middle. This most likely is the type used and split when the model   Mimi MacPherson was reportedly spanked by her Mother. We have repaired several of these by lifting part of the bristle cushion, placing an epoxy mixture over the inside of the wood and clamped together. The cushion is reglued after the epoxy is set. Another stopgap is to drill a small hole at the end of a short split. The hole and the split is then filled with epoxy cement.

These brushes are relatively inexpensive and old or purposely weakened ones can be used to create the dramatic effect of breaking during use.

Be careful of the corners and splits during use, they can cause unnecessary marks etc. )
This one is about 12 inches long and very effective to use.

Its handle is not too big for a ladies hand to hold.


Small hairbrushes are more likely to leave marks.



These are members of the same family with a bit more firepower.

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