Spanking Implement: Flyswatters

(Care, light wipe over with a damp antiseptic cloth.)

Flyswatters are a readily available domestic implement and may be kept on open display. (Well maybe not in the bedroom. Of course there can be a hole in the flyscreen.) 


The cheaper light ones are good for effect and break easily. Many varieties of heavier flyswatters are produced, some are almost indestructible. The only thing to be careful of is sharp edges and corners, as they may damage the skin.


No. 1 Flyswatter

Official 31 hole model. 20 1/2 inches long. Italian bridle leather paddle. Handmade American Oak handle. Brass engraving plaque. Stitched edge. Leather lanyard at grip end.


Flyswatters may be used in several  POSITIONS , as shown above, OTK or bending over are generally favoured. They may be flicked as with a light cane.

(The  ADVICE  and  FAQ  pages have more practical hints.)

There are many varieties of flyswatters.

Other types:



For the fashion conscious, they come in colours :