Spanking implement: Feather dusters

(Care, cane handle – as for canes, light wipe over with damp cloth, keep lightly oiled, English   Goddard’s  products are the best available and contain bee’s wax.  Over time the bees wax will protect the outer surface and gives an aged appearance.

All wooden items should have an exterior coating. Do not seal the surface. It is important  not to let canes go dry or they will split (some like to keep them in linseed oil, boiled is slightly more expensive but does not stain clothing as much as raw oil does). Make sure that the end of the cane is rounded and do not use if dry or split. Do not use anything containing silicone on wooden implements. As with all implements, wipe with a mild disinfectant after use. Avoid hitting hard objects such as desk tops. Over time, canes will revert to their natural shape. These bends may be forced out by applying pressure with the thumb as the cane is held in the hand. Keeping canes in bundles with rubber bands or plastic coated wire ties (polish and oil can attack rubber bands) will help to keep them straight. Store in a dry place, but do not allow to dry out.  A ventilated bathroom will give the right level of humidity.)

Traditionally feather dusters had cane handles. The heads were made from a variety of feathers or wool. Feather dusters were and are a common item in homes. Modern ones have plastic handles and quite often sharp points at the end of the handle.

The cane handled versions were widely available, unlike school canes which were not, the closest being the canes sold at shows and fairs which held small dolls. Needless to say, many of these found their way across bottoms.

Feather dusters are generally not as severe as normal canes because they are shorter and the feathers or wool act as a shock absorber between the hand and the cane core.

The shorter ones may be used in the across the knee position in addition to the lying or bending over positions.


Feather dusters are also used to arouse the spankee before or after the spanking (or for tickling).

Feather dusters have an association with  maids .