Spanking implement: Crops

Care  light wipe over with damp cloth. Use a small amount of furniture polish to stop from drying out. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place.)

A crop is a flexible leather or synthetic cored implement, much like a  CANE . It has a leather loop or ” pooper ” at the end to stop damaging the skin and, depending on the, design create a little noise. They are also something you may be able to have around the home or office as a trophy. They are relatively inexpensive if bought from a saddle shop.

Crops have been associated with the B and D and S and M (see  DEFINITIONS ) over the years.


Dressage or Buggy Whips are similar to crops, only longer and without the ” popper “. In place of the popper there’s generally a short strand of twine, which may be shortened or removed if it goes too far around the side of the buttock.