How To Switch Spanking Roles


Beth Asked the following:


Recently my husband came in the house with a switch that he had cut from the woods out back. It was considerably thicker than the ones that I usually cut for him to use on me. With a sheepish look on his face he told me that he felt that he needed to be punished for some things that he had recently done.
I was very apprehensive because I am usually on the receiving end of the switch (which I am also made to cut from the woods out back).

But I found out that I was as good at dishing it out as I  was at taking it!  He was really twitching toward the end of the “punishment” Although I must admit that it turned me on switching rolls (no pun intended), I am just hoping that this does not signal a turn in our relationship. I much more enjoy being the bottom rather than the top. I have talked with my husband about this and he assured me that I am the biggest brat of the two of us and that I will continue to be the one getting the lion share of the spankings. I am wondering if any the other spankees in this have had a similar experience. If so, was it just a fluke, or was it a permanent change?

Beth, you’ll have to find a balance with him. My
feeling is that once a man starts to acknowledge and explore his bottomish side it isn’t going to be shoved back into Pandora’s box again. It’s going to be a permanent part of him but, he may remain “mostly top” as he says now. After all once you discovered the joys of being a spankee, how easy would it be for you to shove it onto the back burner again?
My husband suddenly came around to the idea of
bottoming as stress relief a few months ago. This is a former vanilla who insisted for over 4 years that he was NEVER going to be the spankee.
Hah! I’m pleased but let me point out, now he is looking for it almost as much or maybe even more than he is looking to spank me.
Bottoming IS addictive in a good sort of way and I think the relationship is going to have to shift a bit. So, enjoy being the biggest brat of the two of you (but
don’t be too surprised if his brat quotient rises now), and enjoy being the spankee, but do enjoy your new Top role too. I think it’s great that you found it enjoyable. Whatever the ratio settles out at you both now have a new dimension to have fun with. Congratulations!




  1. To each his/her own—–I take a very rare paddling –bare from my wife and when it has to I have got it coming in spades so no argument from me–It really hurts on my bare butt—I do not know about other guys—I could never spank–slap etc my wife NEVER It would seem cruel to a great wife and bullying cause i am so much bigger and stronger—–How do other guys feel?

  2. As a male switch, I get very sexually excited when my really cute, petite girl friend tells me that I deserve a very hard bare bottom OTK BURNING RED ASS spanking.
    I beg, plead etc then bare my bottom, go over her knee and let her really crack that heavy f–king hairbrush all across my ass.
    I get very hard while also begging, crying etc. After about 2 dozen burning licks she stops. Even though my ass is on fire, and hurting like crazy, we then f–k like two wild lions. Our orgasms are so hot she wants me to then spank her gorgeous bare ass. But nope, I’m too spent and sore.

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