Spanking games

Recently, a visitor requested information about spanking games for adults to play. Here are some suggestions, some of these have been tried at Spankoz parties, others are just ideas.”Rules”can be made to suit.


  • SHEET GAME hang up a sheet, have some players stand with their bottoms against it and from the other side try to guess who they are by feeling with your hands. Great for getting things going.
  • COMPETITIONS how many, how long, how red, etc., or conventional spelling bees etc.
  • DICE OR SPINNER to select who, how many. position, etc.
  • GUESS who is spanking, implement etc.
  • BOARD GAMES, use with spanking forfeits (chess is great, trivial pursuit is fun and monopoly painful, depending on dollar value).
  • PONY RACE (rider is smacked by third person, first past the post wins). (There is also a”wheelbarrow”variation).
  • PURSUIT (two start at opposite sides of a circular track, the first to catch the other gets to have their way with them – please remember the Confucian  saying “Women with dress up run faster than man with pants down”.
  • SPANK TO ORGASM (here the partner is spanked by a member of an opposing team until they [ the receiver, dummy ] have an orgasm, within a time limit, and then it is the other team’s turn).  The losing team is the one whose member(s) take the shortest time(s) to have an orgasm(s).This can be a real challenge to spanking skill and self control.
  • MILK THE COW (as above, but the man is spanked with one hand [ or you can use a paddle ] and the other is used to encourage the orgasm. He may be either vertical, horizontal or in between during the game).
  • SCREAMING ORGASM (couple in the traditional”Missionary”position whilst a third person spanks the upturned bottom [ she gets hers in the”Reverse Missionary”position ]).  You can also do this standing up etc !
  • GOANNA PULLING (two members of opposing teams face each other in the”push up”position,, they hold a belt in their mouths and attempt to pull the other person over a line drawn between them. The other member of the team smacks or straps the opposing”Goanna”until the belt is released or they are pulled over the line (not recommended  for those with poor teeth !)
  • STAY ON THE POLE (the recipient has to stay on a horizontal pole, which may be greased.)

Update on Smackdown vs Raw !

Now, this will be, with out a doubt, the BEST Smackdown game to hit the PS2.

With a refined submission and grapple system, a completely revamped season mode–including redefined storylines and mini games, and a 3D crowd, this will be a keeper.

Add on pre-match battles (shoving, insulting), and a new move :: SPANKING!!!…and you will never let this game go unplayed for a day.

………….  Andrew Carver (2 Aug, 2004)


Here are some visitor suggestions:


My husband and I play cribbage for sex related forfeits, including a good spanking.

After each hand, the loser pays a forfeit equal to the number of pegs that person is behind.  Since I am submissive, I almost always play to lose and have had to submit to many forfeits, usually ones I would never do otherwise.  Oral sex, spankings, anal sex, enemas…the possibilities are many and limited only by his imagination.  The end of the game is always a spanking of some kind.

If the game ends in a skunk, the spanking is equal to the number of pegs lost by.  If the game ends in a double skunk, the spanking is equal to the double the number of pegs lost by.  The winner may chose any position, any implement or implements, and additionally has the right to access an additional forfeit in the event of a double skunk.  My husband naturally loves it when I play so badly that I end up double skunked.

Usually this means that I will be on my knees bent over firm pillows feeling the”kiss”of many items such as his hand, a ping-pong paddle, a hairbrush, a ruler, and two different belts.  My bottom will be blazing hot, bright red and somewhat bruised by the time  he has collected his due.  Without fail, my additional penalty is a firm rogering with him fondling my red hot bottom.

Another game we play sometimes, more strictly related to spanking is the dice game.

We have a list a aspects of spanking such as position, severity, implement(s) and so on.  Numbers are assigned to each of the possibilities and I roll the dice which determines my fate.  Sometimes, I get lucky and have a short light spanking.   Other times I am not so lucky and endure long severe punishments.

We also use spanking as a method of behaviour control.  For some time, we agreed to a diet plan that used spankings as a method of punishing transgressions.  For example, I would have to receive one spank for each French fry I ate.   They rapidly lost their appeal and I was able to stay on my diet successfully.  Now we are changing it and I will receive a spanking for each pound under my monthly goal I fail to lose.  My goal
is five pounds per month.  If I only lose three pounds, I will receive two spankings.   If, heaven forbid, I gain weight, I will receive five spankings, plus belt whippings for each pound I gained.


  • Select an implement to use and place it nearby.
  • Agree on a rate of spanking (number of blows per minute) for the competition.
  • Place the recipient across the knee (or other suitable position).
  • Hand spank for 2 minutes over the clothing, followed by 2 minutes on the bare bottom.
  • Change positions and repeat the above procedure.
  • Again, change positions and use the selected implement for 1 minute over the clothes followed by 2 minutes on the bare bottom.
  • Change positions and repeat the above procedure.
  • Change positions again and spank for 3 minutes on the bare bottom.
  • Change positions and repeat the above procedure.
  • Continue changing until one person concedes defeat .
  • Wait 5 minutes, the victor then spanks the loser for a further period of 4 minutes.
  • Feel free to vary the times shown !

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