Women And Spanking

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Woman are from  Tiffany’s, men are from  Hardwarehouse!

Interest in spanking can range from a mildly passing interest through  reading and talking about it to active involvement and ultimately, for some, to  it becoming a major part of their lifestyle.



Points to ponder


  • Do you like to give, receive or do both ?
  • Are there differences in your ” spanking levels ” for each of these activities ?
  • Does your attitude towards a man change if he wants you to spank him ?
  • What do you think about the Femdom (female domination) movement ?
  • Is there a relationship between spanking and domination ?
  • Is there a relationship between spanking and love ?
  • There are generally more men than women at spanking parties, why is this so ?
  • What about   ” Going Public ” to express an interest in spanking (either directly or indirectly) ?
  • Is the word ” ladies ” appropriate ?
  • Are there other Points which should be included here ?


According to Kinsey’s research, 18% of ladies find the idea of being spanked erotic and actually have enjoyed being spanked. Who knows how many more would like to be but have missed out ?


” This woman is holding a paddle engraved with the word SPANK over her breasts – inviting the viewer to imagine using the paddle. “

” The images on this page were stolen from various web sites – including Playboy and Penthouse. While searching for the images, I became frustrated and disturbed because it was difficult for me to find any
” normal ” pornography on the internet. Yet there are many genres, all increasingly violent and degrading, that are proliferating. “

………… Fear Us

Here are a couple of extracts to get the ball rolling.

(these talk of ” Pleasure ” spankings, as contrasted with ” Punishment ” spankings) :


” He has to be nude and I have to be across his bare thighs. I can feel his thing under me and his hand comes down on my behind which is covered in a transparent pair of pink panties. He slaps me quickly with both hands on both cheeks and I know he is looking down at me as he does so. Very soon I will feel a hot sensation mounting in my bottom and this is enough to give me orgasm which is what we both want. When things have got to a fever pitch with us both we get up and, without a word, lie together on our bed and make love in the proper way. I see no harm in this slapping. Lots of lovers make love in different ways. This is our thing, isn’t it ? ”


”  I like to see his manly muscles, and the tops of the backs of his thighs relaxing and expanding as I slap him on his bare bottom. I put a pillow beneath him and this raises his bottom up. He likes being slapped and before very long he is ready to turn round, on his stomach, and to let me see he is ready for intercourse. ”


How can I get him to spank me ?

[Check out this article, too.]

Getting your partner to spank you will take a little role playing on your part. Next time you are engaging in foreplay, start telling your partner you’ve been bad and that you need a spanking. (Or work on your own script.)

One way or the other, get across his lap, keep using emotive key words and phrases such as ” naughty “, ” I’ve been bad “, ” spank “, ” spanking “, ” Spank Me ! “. Of course, doing a little squirming will help, see the short movie  ” Whacked ”  for examples of how to do this. Back to the right words, which now include ” I’m a Bad Little Girl ! ,  ” I’m a bad girl. ” ” Oh. ”  ” OOOH !”, ” OUCH ! ” ” Oh ! “, ” Ow “, ” Hm “,  ” Oh yes.” , ” Ooh,  do that again. ” (insert you own favourite words). Keep squirming (not struggling) and remember to push your bottom up for the next smack.

Be especially energetic during coitus afterwards (if this occurs). If he hasn’t worked out that you like to be spanked, keep working on him. Tell him !

Be prepared to initiate the spanking and, of course , ultimately you are in control.

Far More Women than men like to be spanked

As best as I can tell, the situation is that women into spanking almost (note the weasel word ” almost “) universally prefer to be recipients, while men split into the givers and receivers, often having a foot in both camps. Usually women new to spanking consider
spanking men to be somewhat icky, although a number broaden their preferences once they are firmly into the scene, although preference still seems clearly towards receiving. Men may either be pure spankers or switches  or pure submissives, but the last group seems
small.  I have no particular explanation for this phenomenon except the obvious one of cultural preference for men to be aggressive and women to be less so. It is worth noting that the CF magazine, ” Men
Under Control ” has a virtually all male subscription base.

Some figures, besides keeping a naughty or nice list for CF customers, I mark those who are identifiably female in the database and those who purchase femdom literature. Overall, about 10% of CF, smaller than the % in the population but that is a story for another day. While of
those CF customers who purchase femdom stories, women are about 3%. Make of this what you will.

…………….. Steve Richardson

Book recommendation

Jane Sexes it Up: True Confessions of Feminist Desire
” It is about feminism and sexuality.  What compelled me to buy this book is, you guessed it, a chapter on spanking entitled, ” Of the Flesh Fancy : Spanking & the Single Girl ” by Chris Daley.  Basically she captures what many of us have experienced when we went from feeling that ” there’s something wrong with me if I like this ” to realizing that exploring our sexual needs and fantasies is empowering and doesn’t mean we want to be abused….Edith “

Spanking Pain Stages

Have any of you noticed the various stages of spanking pain ? They are as follows :
1. First there is the anxiety pain of wondering if you will be spanked or not for a certain offence.
2. Then when you receive the sentence you wonder how painful it will be as you wait through the preliminaries.
3. Then you get the first stroke. It hits and for about a nanosecond you do not feel any pain, hoping that it will never come but you know it will.
4. The pain then starts rising from the first stroke.
5. Before the first stroke’s pain hits its peak you get the second stroke.
6. It continues like this all through the spanking, stacking pain upon pain as the cycles overlap.
7. You finally reach a pain limit where further strokes do not make much difference. This is why different implements need different tempos. It’s why canings are done slowly. The pain is so severe that it is better to spread it out over a longer time. (Learned from experience !)
8. The spanking ends but the pain lingers, gradually decreasing over time, depending on the implement.
9. The pain ends and the much desired afterglow begins. Again depending on the implement.
10. Finally the after-afterglow. This can last a lifetime as we remember the excitement of a particular spanking session and relive it over and over again. I had my first proper caning several months ago and have not had one since. I now know what Melanie meant when she wrote that it is an experience you will want to do again. I’m not sure when we will try it but we will. There has not been a hour go by since then when I do not think about the caning I got from Deb or the caning she will give me again some day. I have forgotten the pain somewhat but the excitement of the whole drama has replayed itself in my mind constantly.

Hot butts to you all !

….. from  F/F Spanking Forum


Treatise du Spike  by Thomas B. Lierse


President, Long Island Staylace Association High heels change the presentation of a woman’s entire body: The calves become more delineated and therefore sexier; the body’s center of gravity is changed, and thus the hips are thrust into a sexy position, as well, the breasts are forced to jut out slightly. In addition, women, knowing they present an erotic picture, array themselves with more confidence and grace. The required walking pattern changes, because she must take a more mincing step.

The whole shoe itself exhibits a fetishist sexuality and displays the foot in its best light, showing the feminine shape of the arch, and pointing the way north, toward further “delights”. The heels themselves can be viewed as phallic symbols, the inner part of the fronts symbols of penetrative entry. Then there is the material used for the shoe: soft, hard, breathing, silky, shiny, lacy and on and on: all parts of a woman’s body or image. Then there is the toe “cleavage”, which brings to mind breast cleavage.

The type of shoe also changes the perspective: Ankle straps connote bondage, while sandals allow a peak at painted toenails, representative of the inner parts of a woman’s sexual organs and the opportunity for probing. Mules suggest the slapping associated with spanking.

It has been said that a woman’s body in spikes emulates her posture during orgasm. I don’t know how true that is, but I can see from where to idea came.  ” The air up there is not so thin, but rather imbued with the delights of knowing that all those below you envy you.


Ladies, tell us what you think about our web site, our products, our organization, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.   We are at a loss to explain why it took so long to include this page, after all we do claim to be   ” female friendly  “. There has been a suggestion to have a ladies  ” Chat Room “.

If you are in Sydney we can help you with a first time spanking experience. These ” sessions ” generally last between one and two hours (some women do like to talk a lot !). They are free but there may be a small charge for expenses. We would like you to come to our functions in return. There is no obligation and everything is strictly confidential.





Ladies just a few ideas of what not to say or do during your spankings.

  1. Don’t say…” but ” – Unless what you really mean is ” Spank my butt harder “.
  2. Don’t say…” wait ” – As you know we are working hard to make sure you are only over our laps as long as need be… my limit is 2 hours… but with the proper motivation can go longer.
  3. Don’t say… ” it hurts ” – We don’t really need the encouragement.
  4. Don’t read during – This will only give us reason to continue until you have read EVERY word… if however you insist on doing so… “War and Peace” would be a bad choice.
  5. Don’t say… ” please not the brush ” – Best way to get the BRUSH. Besides we know it’s only a ploy to get the BRUSH anyway.
  6. Don’t say ” Oh my God ! ” – Master… Lover… Honey… will suffice.
  7. Don’t say ” This isn’t fair ” – Because our goal is to make sure your bottom doesn’t stay… fair.
  8. Don’t kick your legs while wearing 6″ heels – Protective goggles will only impair our aim.
  9. Don’t tie our shoelaces together – If we can’t stand and walk away after well… I think you know the alternative.
  10. Don’t offer favors to get us to stop – If we do our job right… we’ll be getting them anyway.
  11. Don’t pull legs hairs out – We might return the favor.
  12. Don’t say ” I am not a BRAT ” – Who said ya to be… we’ll spank ay for being cute… sexy… smiling… breathing… hell we’ll spank ya just for being yourselves….




Why do ladies find having their bottoms spanked so erotic ?




Can women recognise a spanker ?






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