Men And Spanking

Our aim is to promote an understanding in men about what attracts others to spanking and how to safely engage in the activity. More information is on the  SPANKING ” MIXES “  Page.

(One example of the difference between men and women in approach is seen at spanking parties. In mixed parties little happens in the first hour or so while ” socialising ” takes place. In an all male party, they are straight into it.)

(and if you think that this picture is what spanking is about, please visit the  FAQ  page) :

Men are frm Mars, Women are from Venus
John Gray

” I found this a marvellously enlightening book for understanding and improving relationships with men. The chapter on men being like rubber bands was particularly helpful. If only my husband would read it ! “

The Bride Stripped Bare
Nikki Gemmell

” She wrote a steamy, explicit (and anonymous) book exposing the secret sex life of a sweet suburban housewife. Then someone blew Nikki Gemmell’s cover.”

Well publicised, but on the tame side.

Dick for a Day : What Would You Do if You Had One ?