Who wants to be spanked?

This replaces an earlier entry entitled Should Wives Be Spanked. It was meant as a joke based on a silly paperback cover. The replies started coming fast and furious. Too often they became intemperate, tendentious or were from confused people who don’t understand the nature of certain species of sexual role-playing.

Since the entry proved so popular I thought I’d try to restart it but in a more focused context. Sexuality, bless it, is rich and diverse. Just because you don’t enjoy something or find it intimidating or frightening doesn’t lessen the pleasure of those who enjoy their particular variation.

Straight, gay, male or female please feel free to share your experiences, frustrations and wishes about spanking or being spanked.

Do you enjoy consensual spankings?

Would you like to spank or be spanked but have never had the gumption to confess your desire to a partner?

Perhaps you did and he or she fled never to return. Or was just rendered speechless.


  1. I am a disabled man, as a result I was never spanked as a child and it didn’t really bother me. But now that I am an adult, and have given several spankings to various females for various reasons, I have suddenly developed an urge to be spanked myself. I have tried self spanking but it doesn’t do anything for me, because I know exactly how much I am able to take.

  2. I really need to get a spanking from someone using hand slipper hair brush wooden spoon but I want it videoed using my fone plz

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