What makes a good spanking?

Well, I only own two professionally made videos, and they hold zero interest for me. One of them I dislike, simply because it attempts doing age play, and I feel it’s trying too hard to be sexy, and what is sexy for the average person is not what turns me on. There is an obviously adult woman, with hair done up in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop and wearing heals, showing lots of breast cleavage. Also, besides this one age play scene, this entire video tries to please too many kinks at once, and doesn’t do a good job with any of them. It lumps rape, voyeurism, knife play, D/s, bits of anal play and even a bit of scat and golden showers into one movie, sort of like Kinks R Us. It made me feel as if I was perverse or something, owning it. ::smirks:: The other video I own, I can’t really comment on, as I watched the first five minutes and got bored. 🙂

I also own lots of tapes recorded from my own spanking scenes with Steven.

There are two spankings that I especially love, both I have turned into quicktime movies that I can watch on the computer. Because Steven and I are not professional movie producers, and don’t play simply to produce a good video, many of our most intense scenes are not filmed, and the ones that are, tend to have interruptions of flow, or background noises, poor lighting, or we wander out of the camera’s eye, etc. Those spanking scenes I have turned into wav files and pictures to share for free with everyone at the Janitorium.

Two scenes happen to be perfect, and we never leave character or lose momentum.

I enjoy watching these clips over and over again. They both seem “REAL” to me, and all the erotic feelings of witnessing a real spanking, including that heart racing fear, come back to me when I watch them. This is my personal porn.

One, is called “Zoey otk” – and it’s a scene that you can hear a small portion of in the “Zoeyotk.wav” and “Pancake.wav” that I have at the Janitorium. I have no screen shots (pictures ) from this movie, because the lighting is a bit dark. In that scene, Steven is daddy and I am zoey. The scene lasts for 12 minutes. The wav files are less then two minutes taken from that entire scene. In that twelve minutes, there is a lecture discussing the reason for the spanking. Steven’s demeanor is very fatherly, loving, yet once the spanking starts he sounds very strict. Zoey’s demeanor is interesting as well. Even though it’s ME in the movie, when I watch it, I don’t identify with it being me. I watch it and can easily imagine I am witnessing someone else getting spanked.

The part of the movie that constantly turns me on to the maximum, is the moment four minutes into the video that Daddy struggles with Zoey while taking down her panties. The taking down of the panties lasts almost a minute. There is then another hand spanking on the bare, a spanking with a hairbrush, and an obviously very painful spanking with two different paddles. Because the spanking is obviously painful, it turns me on to watch it.


The second movie I like, is one that Steven has not seen yet. I just got it off the camera yesterday. We both knew after playing the scene, that it was going to be GOOD. In this scene, Daddy is sitting on the edge of the bed and takes Zoey over his knee. Her bottom faces the camera. She is wearing a plaid skirt, white blouse and saddle shoes. The lighting is excellent for this video, and you can watch as her bottom turns red as daddy hand spank her on the panties. When he starts to take her panties down, Zoey grabs them and holds onto them tightly. Daddy tells her to go get the hairbrush, obviously she is in big trouble for trying to hang onto her panties and being defiant. When Zoey gets up and stands, her bottom glows bright red around her white cotton panties.

Then she walks back with the hairbrush, and Daddy pulls her quite quickly and with a hint of impatience over his lap. I especially love the way Steven holds onto my bottom during a spanking. The positioning is classic. His left hand wraps around me and touches the side of my right cheek, as he spanks with his right hand.

The hairbrush spanking lasts on her panties for one minute and ten seconds. There are almost eighty hard swats in this time. Daddy lectures during the entire spanking and even requires Zoey to answer some questions. At one point in the last twenty seconds the intensity increases to a maximum and Daddy punctuates his lecture with very hard swats. Zoey is obviously in distress during this entire spanking on her panties. She is kicking her feet and alternating between squeals and low guttural groans. Steven is using his #13 hairbrush. Its hard wood, and heavy.

Then the panties come down, swiftly, while Zoey pleads and begs, but she doesn’t reach back. Zoey physically appears to give up once her panties come down, crying into her hands and covering her face. Her legs and feet drop down, and her bottom is there for all to see.

Daddy then lectures as he rubs her bottom. This lecture lasts close to a minute and then he starts spanking with the hairbrush on her bare bottom. There are about thirty swats, during which time Zoey cries softly at first, then even gets very quiet, until daddy lands three zingers in one spot. You can watch that spot go bright white, and Zoey comes out of her daze and starts crying and pleading again. Then daddy pauses in the spanking, rubs her bottom some more, and lectures. He even has a discussion with Zoey where he has her talk about what happens to naughty girls. Then thirty more hard hairbrush spanks rain down, during these, Zoey chokes and cries.

Daddy then announces that Zoey will have 12 cane strokes. He tells her to lay on the bed, bottoms up. This caning is measured and precise. Daddy administers each stroke, walking from one side of the bed to the other. He torments with the cane between strokes and lectures. Six hard strokes first with the heavy cane – then six stingers with the light cane. The movie clip ends with daddy announcing he will rub on some tushy cream, all is forgiven.



  1. when my long suffering wife (who is great) finally has too much nad has to vent her frustration—I have a well earned padddling coming no argument from me—I quick shower and then just bend over naked as the day i was born and put my hands on the bottom of thetub and she paddles my naked butt and it hurts like crazy–It hurts most on the bottom of my butt and i think the bent over position may make it hurt more—I don’t know—–It hurts alot on my bare butt so I guess the position of my butt makes it really hurt–she paddles with a skinny stick——-Wow I am on my best behavior for quite a long while it happens once or twice a yr it works for us no one else knows so matter of embarrassment or shaming just a dam,n sore bare butt!

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