Methods And Types Of Spankings

Methods of Spanking

MANY IMPLEMENTS may be used for spanking, but in this country only three are common in formal use, viz. the hand, the slipper and the hairbrush. Purpose-made tapettes or spanking-paddles, usually made of wood or leather, can be purchased and some schools have them, but while they are common enough in Europe and in America, they have not yet become popular in this country. Perhaps if spanking continues to make headway as a formal school punishment they will become more widespread.*

*Since this was written leather paddles in particular have become much more common, especially in the home.

In the home, wooden spoons, spatulas and other household implements have been pressed into service with great effect; how ever, while these are entirely appropriate for the use of servants they may he considered a little too homely for the mistress of the house. Senior girls in schools, either because they are not given the use of official implements, or impelled by the quest for novelty have been known to use a remarkable variety of implements from flat lengths of wood to fives bats and even Ping-Pong racquets. Canes and straps (except the tiny nursery cane) cannot and should not he used for spanking.

For formal use, though, as we have said, only three implements are at all widely used-the hand, the slipper and the hairbrush, although one can deliver an effective spanking with an eighteen-inch ruler. The hand can be used quite effectively, especially upon the unprotected flesh above the level of the stockings and below that of the knickers. Those who are really expert at this mode of punishment can make it sting more than one might expect, but despite its strongest advocates we are obliged to record that hand-spanking can only ever come into the category of mild to moderate punishment (the only possible exception being when it is employed after some other punishment on already-chastised parts).

This being said, we must also state that spanking with the other usual implements, the slipper and the hairbrush, need by no means be the rather gentle punishment it is usually considered by those who neither give nor receive it. A sound spanking, well administered, can be a very salutary punishment.

The slipper can take a number of forms. There are delicate bedroom slippers which are really too flimsy for the job. A good leather or rubber-soled slipper is required, though it need by no means be ungainly. A fine lady’s slipper with a hard leather sole can combine a dainty appearance with an unremitting sting.

The hairbrush will normally be wooden. Silver or other metals are impossible, though we have seen an ivorite hairbrush used to good effect. It should have a flat back and should not be too small. Those charming wooden clothes-brushes which look like large hairbrushes are splendid, and perhaps better than the hair brush itself. The heavier hardwoods, like ebony, can tend to bruise. We do not oppose their use on all occasions, but a light to medium-weight wood gives the stinging smack that is required.

The usual position for spanking is over the knee. With small children this is very simple. They fit neatly on the lap. With a larger girl one may sit on a chair and put her over in the conventional manner (she may well touch the floor with both feet and hands), one may choose a sofa, allowing her upper body to rest along its length, or one may use the position most favoured by senior girls in schools. One sits well back on a bed, in about the middle and the girl lies over one’s lap. Essentially she is lying face down on the bed with her scat raised by one’s knees.

Spankings (that is beatings with slipper, hairbrush, paddle &c. which have the essential quality of spankings) can also be given with the girl over a desk or lying on a bed with oneself sitting or standing beside her. The essential quality of spankings will be described fully in the last section of this chapter, but we should say that an over-the-desk spanking, as opposed to a more formal punishment, is one in which the number of strokes is not declared in advance, are not necessarily all of equal force and there is a greater degree of intimacy. The mistress or senior may well hold the girl down by placing her free hand on her back and pressing her to the desk, a pressure at once restrictive and comforting.

One may punish over the skirt (in which case the girl must be well bent and a reasonably heavy implement must be used), over the petticoat or on the seat of the knickers and the unprotected thighs.

If you have the girl over your knee in any of the positions indicated, you cannot use the same force as if you were standing up. Remember this and put real vitality into your strokes. Let the implement strike home with a loud, satisfying slap and feel its force vibrate through the girl’s body to your own. A spanking can be a somewhat underrated punishment, so let her know from the beginning that you mean business.

Types of Spanking

SPANKING IS A highly sensitive and variable punishment. It stands virtually at the antipodes from caning, in which a set and limited number of strokes are administered, each one to be of maximum value. A spanking is very rarely limited as to the number of strokes. It is a long punishment, the longest of corporal punishments, and each stroke may be shaped by the instinct of the moment. There are brisk, hard spankings with a stinging leather sole; slow, heavy spankings with a large hairbrush: there are long, mild spankings and short ferocious ones and interminable, severe ones which pass from tears to silent suffering to tears again.

The “average” or “normal” spanking stroke is a hard, resounding one which causes a considerable sting. In itself it is rather more bearable than a stroke of the strap, but the punishment lies in the accumulation. A spanking may go on and on and on. There may be periods during a long spanking when the strokes are relatively mild; merely maintaining the rhythm and the soreness while the child recovers herself a little. There may be gentle strokes that are hardly strokes at all, and then there may be Victorian strokes-great, full-blooded slaps that make one tingle with pain. Many mistresses like to give a dozen or more of these to round off any spanking.

A spanking is, in many ways, something like a conversation, or even a song. A long, wordless but intense and passionate communication takes place.

Sometimes, for a long and complex spanking, more than one implement is used, the mistress changing from the strong, penetrating strokes of the heavy hairbrush to the sharp sting of the light leather slipper and back again, perhaps interspersing a dose of the ruler for variety. This may seem whimsical, but a mistress finely attuned to her protégée will know the exact moment to change implements, the different “voices” of the punishment (represented both by different implements and by different sorts and rhythms of stroke from the same one) weaving in and out like the parts of a string quartet.

Other spankings are simply severe: more like canings in tenor, and yet, of course very different. There are the feared mistresses who give only Victorian strokes-a dozen, two dozen, perhaps fifty or even a hundred. They may state the number in advance, as with more formal punishments, or they may decide it in their heads without telling. Every stroke is a shock, however many there may be. Let the girls who say spanking is a “dolly punishment” try one of these.

Again there are those who mix Victorian strokes with ordinary hard ones. A short spanking is not so terrible, but what if it is a long one? In some ways even the cane might be preferable to a long spanking from Miss. At least a caning is limited. One cannot tell when this spanking will end – sometimes one fears it never will.

Then again there are the mild spankings that have one so fearful and then consist only of warming, middling-hard slaps, or which begin with ten good strokes which make one wonder how one is to endure the whole punishment and then melts gently into a light “friendly-spanking”. All these whims and varieties are possible with spanking. The cane can never be so dallied with. A caning is a caning. Even the strap cannot be used lightly (in either sense of the word), but spanking is a different sort of punishment, a feminine punishment of infinite variety.