Spanking Implements: The Switch

switch-spanking-switch light

(This page deals with the switch spanking implement, see  SPANKING SWITCHES  Page for people who switch spanking roles.)

A switch is a straight stick cut from a bush or tree. Switches are flexible when cut, but do dry out fairly quickly. Switches may be soaked in water and care needs to be taken to remove sharp protrusions from them before use. Single switches are used in a fashion similar to  CANES  (be careful of causing  ” wrap ” marks around the side of the bottom). Leaves may be left on switches, as in the case of stinging nettles.

Small switches are sometimes bundled together to produce  BIRCH  like implements. This is a reason to have a knife and adhesive tape in your  SPANKPACK .


Dramatic effect is increased by having the recipient make their own switch. Switches may cut the skin and care should be taken to prevent infection. The skin is less likely to be damaged if some clothing is left in place.