How A Couple Started Spanking

From a recent Email :

Thank you for your site, it has helped two ” spanking virgins ” become fully fledged spankophiles. I have always had an interest in my girlfriends rear areas , but never progressed beyond the odd smack until a few months ago.
This change in our lives happened one evening when my lawyer girlfriend was leaning over the kitchen bench top talking on the phone. Her soft round curves were too much of an invitation after opening the second bottle of chardonnay. She covered the phone , said ” don’t ” and continued on with her Mother. A couple of minutes later she finished. She looked at me and said ” come here “, followed by ” turn around ” and a stinging smack to my left butt cheek which made by ears ring. ” There, how do you like it ? “, to which I replied ” point taken “, rubbing where she had hit me. Her words and the sudden pain of the smack stirred previously unknown feelings, I wanted her to do it again, that is take charge and smack again.
We had the rest of the weekend to progress this newfound area of our relationship. We really hadn’t done bottoms before, not in a serious way. A few hours later, that night, I made a point of showing the mark she had left to her. I said ” that’s assault “, she said ” no, you big sook, it’s battery “, followed by another ” come here ” command. Well this time there was no smack but she did have me face down on the bed with my pyjamas half way down my thighs.
She poured body oil on to me and started to do a gentle massage over and around each cheek. She wiped her hands with a tissue and issued another command to get on to my side of the bed. My problem was that the massage had excited me and it was showing. She said ” move ” and pushed enough to lift me up and see the ” problem “. All she could say was ” Oh My God ! ” and ” Well I never “. The ensuing love making was hot. That night, orgasms were starting in my toes, moving trough the muscles of my legs and exploding when they reached my butt in a way they never had before.  She had noticed the difference too.
The next morning our work intervened for the rest of the day, despite our best plans, so no further discussion / exploration of ” bottom ” interests. Dinner was with her sister and boyfriend. Later, in the bedroom another command to come and stand at her side of the bed, this being given as I walked out of the en suite bathroom. She sat on the bed and had me stand near her knees , turning to face the foot of the bed as my pyjamas were again taken down. She ran her hand over my bottom and then started to smack each cheek, going between them with increasing force, then she would stop and look for an erection and then start again, as if it were an experiment to see what combination excited me the most. This was followed by another massage as I stood before her. I was the man and was supposed to be doing this to her, but I liked it and I was sure that her time would come.
The next weeks saw my bottom being introduced to a strap, a hairbrush and a cane. These were used in a variety of positions. One night she used liniment which set me on fire for hours. She seemed to know a lot more about spanking than I did. Then, one afternoon, I used her computer to check my Email and happened to look at her Internet History. She had been to your site many times, the last page was about slippers. Sure enough the following weekend I had a slipper used on me for the first time. I thought I was very smart finding her source and blurted out ” I see you have been to that website again. ” She stopped and asked which website. I said ” that spanko one. ” ” Did you look at my computer ? ” ” Only for Email ” “and ” ” OK , I had a peak at your web sites. ” ” That’s private, stand up “. I am going to teach you a lesson, get up on the bed on your hands and knees, stick your bottom right out. ” Well she caned me, much harder than ever before, 12 times, but that was not all. Another ” get up ” and then ” over my knee ” for a hairbrush spanking that left me in tears and struggling to get up. That was the first time she had placed her leg over my legs , holding me in a vice like grip. She asked ” are you going to ” peak ‘ again ? ” ” No, No, never, I promise ! ” and finally she let me up. I think she felt sorry for going overboard with me so I got a longer than usual massage and breakfast in bed the next morning. But as for sex, she had cooked her own goose, I had sprained my back squirming across her lap, so sex was out for that weekend. I had to be inventive at work that Monday, saying that I had come off my bike. We had met riding bicycles, but since the serious spankings had started, I was finding riding  painful on Sundays, to the point of buying padded cycle pants and even looking at cushioned seats. She thought that this was a great joke, a credit to her spanking abilities.
The following weeks we talked about your site and spanking, along with more experimentation. I got to do the spanking for a while, which I thought was necessary to maintain some authority. But I really did not need to, she is content to spank for our mutual pleasure without ever being judgemental or trying to use it as a lever. I think I will leave things as they are with me getting spanked most of the time and birthdays, speeding tickets etc to keep her from not getting too big headed .
We are definitely now ” Chocolate ” in regards to spanking but still ” Vanilla ” in everything else. We like keeping our interest between ourselves at present, but it is reassuring to see that we are not alone. Thank you for helping us along the way.