Men and spanking

(A female assistant has just asked ” Do men think ? “, she will be dealt with later under the guise of a training session.)

This page is a mixture of ideas from many sources combined with the Spankoz egalitarian philosophy and applies equally to heterosexual and same sex spanking.

As with most things, men and women think differently about spanking (see Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ). Generally this means a more active and physical approach. They may also, in earlier years, have searched the school library for books (especially dictionaries) , sought out movies and TV programs with spanking references and discretely discussed the subject while trying not to show their interest.

As with other intimate activities, men can enjoy a number of partners, where women tend to have only a few or one at a time. Divorcing sex and spanking is a way to reduce the difference in attitude.

Men generally prefer to ” get on with it ” when spanking, women like to talk first.

Men like control and the hunter role, pursuing their quarry until the spanking etc activity takes place. Spanking can be the precursor to sexual activity.

There are four ways that men participate in physical spanking and role playing (cyber etc. spanking is not discussed here, but can also be enjoyable) :

  • ” SWITCH ” ROLE (both of the above)
  • WATCHING (non participatory) ROLE


” It makes a man feel good. “
(from MANDINGO )

This the classic male role in spanking, an image of the family disciplinarian. It demonstrates a power over one’s domain, of being the boss and in control. There can be a great satisfaction in having a woman, bare bottomed, across your lap and spanking her until you decide that she has had enough.

(See : Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell) and The Janus Collection )

The sight of a bottom is enough to turn on the spanking urge in male predisposed to spanking :




Literally this is the flip side of the Dominant Role. Submission takes many forms, but, in this context it is only a physical one, i.e. to receive a spanking. Aside from the pain aspect, it is the easiest actively involved role. All you have to do is stay in position and leave the rest to the person doing the spanking. Additional forms of submission may be involved.

The mere sight of potential spankers, implements or just a lap can fire the male urge to be spanked.

Spankings may also have a disciplinary aspect and many men (and women) like to keep these separate from other types of spanking. These serve to relieve tension and ” clear the air “. Being reminded of being spanked in this way can be a turn off for some men, but some like it !


Switching roles is a way a lot of men (and women) release both dominant and submissive desires during the same spanking session. Men tend to be able to quickly change roles, some women have difficulty doing this and prefer to have a later session in the reverse role. Regardless of the sex of the person being spanked, switching removes most of the natural guilt caused by inflicting pain on another person. This is EGALITARIANISM .


” I like to watch ”
(from a Guinness advertising campaign)

Many men have no wish to actively participate in spanking for a variety of reasons, such as family or community reaction or they may simply like to watch, read or talk about spanking. Most purchasers of spanking videos are men. This is the largest group in the spanking community.

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