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“Aunt Greta”  ( Swiss) A small bundle of birch switches which resided behind the main hall mirror in most homes.
( )

Belt   Generally a leather belt, may be used single or doubled over. The tawse is called”The Belt”in Scotland, eg”Kree is to get the belt!”.

Birch   A number of  birch branches are bound together in a bundle and used horizontally.  Another branch commonly used is Firethorn.  The sensation is intense and it must be used cautiously.  There is a modified type which is made from rattan.  These are safer, less intense and are unlikely to cut the skin unlike birch or firethorn branches.

Bottom   The one receiving the spanking, the spankee or recipient.

Cane   A springy length of reed, generally rattan cane. Canes can be up to 4 feet long. The unique marks left by the cane are referred to as”tramlines”or”railroad lines”(US). See  CANES  page.

Contrapolar Stimulation   A type of physical stimulation that incorporates the feelings of both pleasure (through the release of endorphins in the brain) and pain .

Crop   Similar to a cane with a folded-leather”popper”on the end.  Generally only the leather end is used (see tattooing).

 Clapper   See slapper.

 Dressage or Buggy Whip   Similar to a crop, only longer and without the”popper”. In place of the popper there’s generally a short strand of twine.

Fall   The tail, or tails of a leather etc. implement.

Flogger   A bundle of leather (generally soft leather) straps, or ropes with a handle. It may have several dozen tails.

Horsehair Flogger   Long hairs from a horses tail attached to a handle.

Implement   Something used to spank with i.e. a paddle.

Loopy Johnny   Loops of thin rubber or plastic tubing or round leather attached to a handle.

Martinet   A number of leather laces tied to a short handle (French).

Masochist   A person who derives pleasure from pain. From the writings of Leopold von SacherMasoch. See S & M.

Over the Knee (otk)  The classic spanking position for hand-spanking or small paddles.  The spanker is generally seated on a chair. Lounges, beds etc, where spankees upper body is supported, are useful for longer sessions.

Play   A term used to refer to spanking.

Pizzlea   A fairly rigid implement made from a dried bull’s penis. (Spanish)

Quirt   A short whip having a short, stiff handle .  A thin strap of leather is wrapped through the loop at the other end leaving one or two short tails.

Role Play   Refers to a fantasy scenario being played out.  Common roles are boss/employee, doctor/nurse, warden/prisoner, principal/student, etc.   Usually there is some imagined situation that one partner finds that enhances the satisfaction.  A good partner assumes the complimentary role to increase the partner’s satisfaction.

 Sadist   An individual who enjoys causing pain in a non-consensual manner or regardless of the presence of absence of consent. Derives from the writings of the Marquis de Sade. See S & M.

Safeword    A word used by the spankee to indicate that they are near or at their maximum tolerance level.  It can be any word agreed upon before starting, common ones are”yellow”indicating approaching maximum close to maximum (slow down) and”red”indicating stop. The words”don’t”and”stop”are rarely used as they may be confused with the role-play dialog. The word for stop can used in two ways, to stop a part of the session or to stop the session (this generally makes the spankee less likely to use the word).

SAM   Smart Arsed Masochist. A pseudo submissive who attempts to control everything the dominant does. A term of contempt.

S & M   Sadism and Masochism . A term often used to describe the D&S scene, however, it is falling into disrepute because it is both inaccurate (All Dominants are not sadists.) and overly limited (All Submissives are not masochists.). See Sadist and Masochist.

Session   A term for the total period of a spanking activity. This comprises the warm up, the spanking (s), rests or breaks and the wind down.

Single-Tail   Another name for a saddle whip, signal whip, stock whip or bull whip.   These come in a number of”plaits”meaning how many lengthwise strands are woven together to form the whip tail, ranging from 4 to 32.  Generally, the more plaits the better (and more expensive).  Most are made from leather (kangaroo skin is the most durable).  This implement is only for the experienced.

Sjambok   Originally a rigid hide whip, but now more commonly, a solid but slightly flexible tapered plastic rod between 3 and 4 feet long.  It is used for crowd control. (Southern Africa)

Slapper    A farm implement used to herd pigs. Made from two wide strips of leather sewn together to form a handle the other unstitched end makes a”slapping”noise. Also called”Clapper”.

Slipper   A slipper or gym shoe.  Popular in the UK. It’s short length makes it suitable for OTK or Bending Over positions.

Spencer Paddle   A wooden paddle, designed by by Dr. Dorothy Spencer, see  SPENCER SPANKING PLAN.

Spreader bar   A bar used to secure hands or feet to keep them apart.

St. Andrews Cross   A large”X”frame, hands and feet are secured to the ends.

Stingy   A description of a sharp, piercing sensation much like a bee sting, it generally results from a light implement used with high velocity.

Switch (1)   Someone who”Switches”between giving and receiving.

Switch  (2)  A straight, slender rod cut from a bush or tree. It differs from a”stick”in the respect that it is thinner and more flexible. This flexibility places a switch somewhere in between a thin rattan cane and a birch rod. May be a stripped thin hickory or ash branch.

Tattooing   The practice of rapidly flicking an implement e.g. a cane. This may be done with increasing intensity.

Tan   Generally used in the same way as spank , refers to the tanning process for leather.

Tawse   A Scottish term for a leather strap slit into several tails at one end. These tails follow the shape of the buttocks, allowing the air cushion to escape when the strap strikes. More is on the  TAWSES  Page.

Thuddy   A description of the dull sensation which  results from a heavy implement used at low velocity. Can be produced with a hank of rope.

Top   The one giving the spanking, the spanker or giver.

Toy   A spanking implement.

Trestle   Another name for a spanking bench or horse.

Vanilla   A term referring to conventional relationships.

Wrapping   Marking around the side of the buttocks, generally a result of inexperience. See  FAQ  page.


SPANKING, SPANK (circa 1727)

“To strike esp. on the buttocks with the open hand ;
esp. to slap with something flat, as with the open hand,
upon the buttocks.”

 ……………. Webster’s Dictionary


The Internet is responsible for a growing standardisation in language, for one thing it is obviously English (some would say American – but we are staying out of that one) that now predominates. Terminology is also being standardized.

This page offers some ideas on phraseology, definitions and terms which have relevance to spanking. There has been some effort made to standardise the language used on this site  (and we still have some internal disagreement).

To  “SPANK”, as defined in the OXFORD DICTIONARY,  is to  “SLAP ESPECIALLY ON THE BUTTOCKS” (and they should know as as spanking is sometimes referred to as being the  ”  ENGLISH VICE “ —   we understand that the French coined this phrase!)  Spankoz regards spanking and bottom smacking as being the same, even though this is not technically correct.

A spanking therefore is one or more slaps on the bottom – that was easy, wasn’t it! A single smack on the bottom could be regarded as a spanking if it is hard enough, maybe given in public and /or comes as a surprise to the recipient. A new term, such as bottom tapping / feeling etc. may be required for lesser occasions. The other end of the scale is harder as other terms, such as caning or whipping tend to be used. This issue is partially discussed on our  SPANKING LEVELS  page.

Descriptive terms such as”good”, “sound”and “thorough”can have many meanings.

Even common terms such as”over the knee”generally refers to being over the lap (or both knees).


Manfred Tatzmann, of Lansing, Mich., writes : “ Where did the usage of the word ‘ spanking, ’ as in the oft-used phrase ‘ brand spanking new, ’ come from ? What exactly are we spanking, and why ?  Is this a form of word abuse ? Shouldn’t someone be notified ? ”

Dear Manfred : Thank goodness, you’ve brought this to the attention of the proper authority. And don’t worry — no words were harmed in the making of this phrase. “ Spanking ” in “ brand spanking new ” is actually a different word from the one in “ You’re going to get a spanking if you don’t stop that right now! ” The two are homographs (they’re written the same way) and also homophones (they sound the same) — like “ bow ” (the front part of a ship) and “ bow ” (to bend at the waist). But they’ve come to us by different routes.

The word you’re asking about is probably related to the Danish verb “ spanke ”, which means “ to strut. ” It entered English in the 1600s. This is the word we now use in phrases like “ a spanking pace ” and “ a spanking breeze ” — as well as in “ spanking new. ” As for the kind of “ spanking ” that means “ smacking, ” people who study word histories think this word has its origin in the sound of spanking, but that has yet to be proved.


“She wants to surrender, to yield, to let herself float down into the uncharted musky swamp of LIFE where there is creativity and eroticism and deep intelligence.”

…………… Rebecca Wells (  The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood )


“To shut your chattering mind off for a while and become one with another. To join someone else in their being. To add your energy to a force outside yourself. To lose yourself and feel the will depart.
It is the sensation of palpable energy leaving like a sigh.”



Scourge. — N. scourge, rod, cane, stick; ratan[obs], rattan; birch, birch rod; azote[obs], blacksnake[obs], bullwhack [obs][U.S.], chicote[obs], kurbash[obs], quirt, rawhide, sjambok[obs]; rod in pickle; switch, ferule, cudgel, truncheon

whip, bullwhip, lash, strap, thong, cowhide, knout; cat, cat o’nine tails; rope’s end

pillory, stocks, whipping post; cucking stool[obs], ducking stool; brank[obs]; trebuchet[obs], trebuket[obs].

triangle, wooden horse, iron maiden, thumbscrew, boot, rack, wheel, iron heel; Chinese water torture (for the more adventurous)



Spanking in other languages


45 languages so far

If you know what spanking is in another language or if you have corrections or additions to a language, drop me a message

I would like to know what spankee is in French

(from : wulfram at )

Language Phrase remarks
Arabic Safae Elteez
Armenian Hagis tzetze zis (please spank me)
Bahasa Indonesia Pukul pantat
Basque Ipurdiko
Bosnian pljuskanje po guzici
Bulgarian Âïê Þï äõÞåôï (spanking, phonetic : boy po dupeto)
Âïê ó ÞòßÞëá (caning, phonetic : boy s pruchka)
Chinese(Mandarin) Da pigu(dah pee goo)
Chinese (taiwan) pa-ka-tsen
Czech Výprask
Danish Smæk i numsen
Dutch Billekoek, Billenkoek second one is new grammar (1997)
English Spanking
Esperanto Pugfrapado
Finnish Piiskata
French la fesse = the buttock
les fesses = the buttocks
fesser = to spank
le fesseur or la fesseuse = the spanker
la fessée = the spanking
Gaelic or Scottish doup-skelper = bottom smacker
German Den Hintern Versohlen
Den Po versohlen
über’s Knie legen
Greek Thero (to spank)
Xilisma (a spanking)
Hangul (Korea) mae (phonetic :mey)
Hebrew Malkot bayashvan
Hebrew (phonetic) Makot ba’tusuik
Hungarian Kifenekelés
Icelandic (to spank) Rassskelling
Flengja (rassskella)
Italian Sculacciata
Irish Greadadh na masa
Greadadh ten tslait
Japanese (phonetic) Oshiri wo tataku
Khmer Vay
Vay ma dye
Maltese xeba (phonetic : shebba)
sawwat (to spank)
Norwegian Ris
Polish Lanie
Porthugese Surra
‘Boas palmadas’
Romanian A da bataiuca
Russian Slyopka(otk)
Shlopnuyetsya (he spanks)
Shlopnuetsa(she spanks)
Samoa Sasa lo muli
Schweizerdeutsch S’ füdli versolle
Über’s chneu legge
Dä Arsch versohlä
D’Bäckli wärmä
Füdlitätsch gäh
Slovak Bitka
Slovene (Slovenia) ‘e’ kanje
South African Pakslae
Spanish Nalgada
Swahili Kiboko
Swedish Smisk
Tagalog (Philippines) Palo sa puwit
Paluin sa puwit(to spank)
Thai Dtee toot
Welsh Slapio
Chwipio tin
Yiddish Potch





(note the progression!)


I want to hold your hand / Kimi no te wo nigiritai

I want to hold your body (cuddle) / Kimi no karada o dakishimetai

Is it ok if I touch your ass ? / Shiri o sawatte mo ii desuka

Is it ok if I spank you ? / Shiri o tataite mo ii desuka

Do you like that ? (spanking, touching, etc.) / Sore ga suki desuka


(from :


Bare bottom : Cul nul

Belt : La ceinture

Birch : verges (de bouleau de préférence)

Brush : brosse à cheveux

Cane : Canne en rotin…très utilisée en Grande-Bretagne…génère des lignes rouges du plus bel effet

F/F : Femme qui fesse une femme.

F/M : Femme qui fesse un homme

M/F : Homme qui fesse une femme

M/M : Homme qui fesse un homme

OTK : On (Over ?) The Knee…Sur les genoux

Paddle : Sorte de raquette en bois ou en cuir.

Red bottom : cul rougi (par la fessée)

Rule : règle (ah les bons souvenirs d’école)

Spanking : fessée

Spoon : Cuillère (en bois)

Strap : Lanière de cuir. Ne pas confondre avec la ceinture (Belt)

Whip : Fouet…plus souvent le martinet.


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