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Various forms of art have depicted spanking over the years. Our ultimate aim is to build a collection containing all known major spanking fine art. This page is the result of chancing upon the following article.

Rembrandt’s hot hand

A painting of a saucy 17th-century game has been officially attributed to Rembrandt

By Martin Bailey

LONDON. A painting bought by the National Gallery of Ireland as the work of a minor Dutch artist has been identified as an early Rembrandt. “La main chaude”, depicting a popular 17th-century game, was acquired in 1896 for £20, as by Haarlem artist Willem de Poorter. With the blessing of the Rembrandt Research Project, the panel has now been accepted as by the master, and it goes on show in Kassel on 3 November, in an exhibition on “The Mystery of the Young Rembrandt”.

“La main chaude” is a game in which a blindfolded player is smacked on the bottom and has to guess who has administered the slap. According to Professor Ernst van de Wetering, head of the Amsterdam-based project, the reason why earlier scholars dismissed the Dublin picture was its subject matter. “Because there are virtually no known painted genre works by Rembrandt, it had not been accepted as one of his works.” Instead it has been variously attributed to Gerrit Dou, the Leiden School, Jan Lievens and, most recently, School of Rembrandt.

Professor van de Wetering made the new attribution for several reasons. The oak panel has now been dated by dendrochronology to about 1624 and the men in the picture are wearing clothing of a short-lived fashion of 1628-9. Rembrandt would then have been around 26, and working in Leiden. X-rays have revealed an image beneath of a bust portrait which appears to be in his style. Finally, considerable work on the Rembrandt’s early years has been undertaken for the exhibition, and stylistically the Dublin panel now appears to fit much better into his oeuvre. “Young Rembrandt” runs at Schloss Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel until 27 January and moves to the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam, from 20 February to 26 May 2002. “La main chaude” will then be returning in glory to the National Gallery of Ireland.

( oil on oak panel, 20 x 26 cm )

[ Rembrandt HARMENSZOON VAN RIJN (July 15, 1606  Leiden  —  Oct. 4, 1669, Amsterdam ) ]


The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter


Max Ernst ( 1891-1976 ) : created his oil-painting “The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter” in 1926, in Paris. The three persons, including himself, watching the action in the foreground are members of the French Surrealistic Movement. Three years ago Ernst had already presented 16 contemporary Surrealist painters on “The Friends’ Rendezvous”, including de Chirico, Aragon and many more.

( Oil on canvas, 196 x 130 cm, Museum Ludwig, Cologne )
Worker being punished, from the tomb of Menna, L.Casson Ancient Egypt )


The spanking


Artist : Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Title: The Spanking
Size: Approx. 13 7/8 x 10 1/4 inches
Edition : Verve #29-30, Paris 1954
Medium: Lithograph
Signed : Hand Signed by Picasso


Mother Spanking Her Child


from : Saturday Evening Post cover, Nov. 25, 1933

( oil )

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