Spanking tattoos

“Want to let people know that you’ve got spanking on your mind? Want to give a little hint to that special someone in your life? Well, I’ve got the cure for your spanking blues! Sexy, fun, colourful spanking tattoos! Temporary and easy to remove, these wonderful little appliquĂ©s could do wonders for you hanky spanky love life.

These cute little temporary tattoos are perfect for parties or just to let your partner know what you have in mind! Put one of these little gems on your arm, breast, bottom, anywhere, to let everyone know that you’re spanking desires are in overdrive. Subtle enough to be “cute”to anyone who isn’t in the scene, but oh-so-obvious to those who are, all are guaranteed to get attention!

Sorry folks, we did not think of of first. These are from Jennifer Brooks 😉