Spanking clothing

The clothing a spanker ( i.e. the person giving the spanking ) wears is part of the overall ambiance of a spanking . Plagiarising Shakespeare , ” Clothes Maketh The Spanker ” . They emphasise the dominance of the spanker . The authority conveyed by the spankers clothing is increased when wearing a suit , gown or a uniform .

( Note how wearing some items can make a man appear taller . Height is an important part of a spankers dominance in most spanking positions . )

The effect of a spankers clothing is increased when the spankee is naked .

To some, clothing (or lack of it ) is an important factor in their spanking enjoyment. The clothes a person wears sends out a message about who they are (” clothes maketh the man ” ). Clothing can emphasise various parts of the body, the ” tight lacing ” of yesteryear and ” hot pants ”  of recent times are examples. In spanking it is no different, people can and do dress to show off their posterior and perhaps an interest in spanking.

The question of what clothing to wear is largely a matter of personal preference. Practicality is a factor in the case of a bare bottom spanking and consideration should be given to how easily clothing can be moved away from the bottom.

Nakedness, or exposing the bottom for a spanking can have a lot of symbolism. It increases intimacy and the physical sensations of the recipient (and of giver, for that matter ). A naked spankee is in an inferior position to a clothed person. A clothed spanker is in a superior position to a partially dressed or naked spanker. Physical signs of a spanking, redness, marks etc. are all visible when the spankee’s bottom is uncovered. These signs help to tell when the spankee has had enough.


Clothing, when let in position, affects the sensations felt by the recipient and minimises the effect of blows. For example, thick woolen clothing can more than halve the impact. Whereas wet clothing can increase the effect (see  BATHROOM SPANKING  ).

Tight clothing can increase a blows effect because the underlying skin, fat and muscle is already compressed (see  CANES  page for how the skin moves when struck ).

Leather clothing has a place, but it is not so much a part of domestic spanking.


Clothing may be used to express an interest in spanking, see PROSPECTING .

An opinion on wearing clothes


Yes, I do have to think about it Debs.  I just like bottoms. Unlike the little guy in the film who saw
” dead people ” all around him, everywhere I go I see bottoms.

I go to a beach and all I see is bottoms.  I walk down the City mall and see bottoms everywhere.  I sit in
the office and bottoms walk by.

With me, the initial assessment of a woman’s physical prowess always begins at the bottom and branches out from there. When making love, my hands quickly find their way to the bottom, slip down the pants, or raise the skirt, and fondle first the panties and then the bare buttocks.

I am very partial to shiny, silky panties that cover the entire bottom and tighten like a sheath around her
cheeks when she bends over.  Black is a good color, but I’m not hung up on the shade.

Skimpy little numbers have their attractions from an appearance viewpoint, but not from a spanking one. I like to either be spanking the panties or the bare bottom, not a bit of both.  When I encounter a skimpy,
I usually try to straighten them out to cover the cheeks… and when that doesn’t work, pull them up into
the crack to expose both cheeks equally.

G-strings are are neither this not that – a compromise for the sake of false modesty. I usually pull them down and discard them after a few smacks.

I have encountered women who wear full briefs over G-strings, no doubt to cater for the modesty need. I
find them a bit of a frustration – you know, just when you think you’ve got to the bottom of things there’s
another obstacle in your path conspiring to cheat you of the ultimate goal.

I quite like nice bottoms sheathed in full white cottontails too.  Love to see them become semi transparent when tightened for punishment.

And there’s nothing wrong with a clothed bottom.  A couple of my favourite pics are of bending women
receiving a stinging stroke over a tightened skirt or pants – all very normal, very r/l, very sexy.

Tight jeans are a delight, but I am well aware one needs to be wielding something of the order of a cane
or a heavy school paddle to penetrate them. But what a stimulating sound these instruments make against a sheath of denim.

Old fashioned stockings and suspenders do hold some attractions, and I would love to try them out.
Haven’t yet found a woman wearing them. A female submissive correspondent of mine has advised me to
demand this clothing of my subjects.  Well, maybe one day, but I do find it titillating just to peel back the layers and see what’s already there !

I guess my least favourite is the BDSM submissive stripped to practically nothing and immobilised on a
rack. Clothing is an important prop in the process and to be robbed of the chance to see it, feel it, and
slowly and erotically remove it, is to take much of the fun out of the lead up to a spanking.

And one final thought on the role of underwear.  All my life I have enjoyed seeing women in tight pants or
skirts where a bikini panty-line is discernable.  The urge to fondle and, of course, to spank such a butt is
almost irresistible.  I find it curious that fashion has decreed that panty-lines are out and smooth is in. As far as I’m aware, no one tried to get my opinion !

Now, as to over layers, well several things appeal. Dress in character, such as school girl or prison
guard or whatever appeals.  Don’t much go for nurses uniforms, I’ve known too many nurses. I detest anything with buttons showing.

Apart from that, any form fitting pants or smooth, soft, feminine dresses, or just a T-shirt and shorts
will do, a T-shirt without shorts is even better.  In the end, they all come off anyway, and its the underwear that needs to be inviting.

Stockings do enhance a woman’s appearance from a spanking viewpoint and the shiny self supporters
probably top the pops.  As mentioned, I would like to try suspended stockings. Just bare legs, however, can be good enough with the right clothing.

To be quite honest, with you girls, I recently had the pleasure of spanking a woman over her pajama pants,
and that didn’t do me any harm either.

Just make sure you do dress, ladies.  Totally nude is boring…. perhaps with one exception.  I once had the
joy of administering punishment to a woman after retrieving her from the shower.  There’s nothing like spanking a wet, nude woman over your knee and watching the droplets fly…. stings a lot more too, I  believe.