Spanking with mirrors

Mirrors add an extra visual dimension to spanking. Unless you are a contortionist, it is not possible to look at your own bottom. We find that one of the first things a spanked person wants to do is look at the results in a mirror. Additionally many people like to watch the spanking as it takes place, either to see their face or their bottom, some like the longer view of both spanker and spankee. To be able to see oneself using fixed mirrors is difficult. However, a cheval mirror makes a discrete furniture addition to a spanking area. They are easily moveable and are inexpensive, the one shown here can be purchased for about $35, if you shop around.

spanking-mirror-F_mirror_3_small spanking-mirror-F_mirror_1_small

Of course they come in various designs and price ranges.


This photograph shows the reflected facial expressions of the participants and the photographer can be seen at the right.

Two mirrors are needed for the spankee to see both their head and body and their bottom at the same time. These are placed at either end of their body and adjusted to suit, the swing action of cheval mirrors is very useful.

A mirror adds the ability to see both front and back at the same time and can also show the area where the subject is located. This aspect can produce some very appealing  photographs .

Small travel mirrors can be carried in your  SPANKPACK , but probably it’s best if your hotel room has one.

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