How to use popular spanking implements

A reader has asked for a page to discuss how to use spanking  IMPLEMENTS  . This information is spread around the site, generally on the page which deals with the particular implement. This page will draw the material together. The use of implements such as  BELTS and RAZOR STRAPS ,  CANES ,  HAIRBRUSHES  and  PADDLES  will be discussed.

Note : This page is designed to assist newcomers to adult spanking, some implements pages contain additional material. 




The most important thing is to maintain your aim. The rate of a spanking can vary from between  10 to 15 up to 100 per minute, depending on implement, position , type of spanking etc. The rate may be varied and the hand or implement may be held against the bottom at the end of each blow. The blows may be more or less perpendicular to the bottom or glancing, as shown in this still.


The preliminary warming should be all over each cheek. The main part of the spanking should be confined to the lower half of the bottom, an occasional smack a little bit higher or on the backs of the legs is OK but stay away from the base of the spine and the kidneys (which are located on either side, above the hips).

Again, this example shows the lack of a warm up and the lower half of the left cheek is almost untouched. Please do not concentrate on one or two areas!


Avoid ” wrapping ”  around the side.


The most popular paddling position is the bending over position but it can be used in other positions, particularly lying (see POSITIONS ). Both the angle and location of blows should be varied, otherwise the same area will be repeatedly hit, causing possible blistering. ” Tip Marks ” are caused when the end of the paddle makes contact first.


The cane takes experience to use. Practice using a vinyl footstool, the older heavy vinyl stuffed ones are best. Place the footstool on a chair, at a ” normal standing bottom ” height.

Imagine that the footstool is a suitable bottom, as shown below, and place the cane (which should be no longer than 3 Ft or 1 M) so it is just past the centre of the outside cheek.

Move the cane out horizontally and up in an arc from the shoulder. The distance moved may be only a few feet at first. Keeping the wrist almost locked, bring the cane down across the bottom. Accuracy, not force, is important at this stage. After practice, increase the force of the strokes and add wrist movement (a ‘ flick “) just before contact is made.

Note : Most ” mistakes ” (generally ” wrapping ” around the side) occur because of poor muscular control, which is corrected with practice and experience. Canes come in various weights and there is a maximum force which may be used with each cane. Use a heavier cane to increase severity.

How you stand is important!

Likewise, the recipient should not move during a caning. Should movement be a problem, try a bending over  POSITION  where the spankee’s weight is supported at the waist or waist and upper body. As a last resort, restraint may be used.


A strap may be difficult to control if not used with a degree of force. As with canes, straps and belts may be placed at the point of aim, drawn back and then applied. These implements may also be brought down and drawn across the bottom ay the same time.

Belts are generally doubled over for better control. A side effect can be the noise created by the outer part of the belt hitting the inner part as the belt strikes the bottom.




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