Spanking pain

(Note : this page is not intended to be a technical paper on pain, but rather a collection of ideas on this subject.)

These quotations are from our Frequently Asked Questions Page :


This depends on a number of factors, it is important to warm up first,  limits should be clear and respected. a ” safeword ” can be used to slow down or stop. Your level of excitement also affects your tolerance level, so slow down and let it build. Tolerance levels increase over time.

See also :  Hormones Affecting Spanking .


There is a phenomenon which we shall call a ” spanking high ” which is reached when limits are reached and exceeded, (Ever wonder why those last ” unbearable ” smacks were the best). It has to do with the operation of the amygdala and of endorphins released into the brain and we suspect, one of the reasons why tolerance levels increase and we can feel elated after a spanking. This pushing of limits can be one of the  ” turn ons ” of spanking and the giver can also receive the same sort of charge.

(There is ongoing research into the effects of the release of dopamine and serotonin into the brain, which is responsible for these ” highs “.)


The answer is as hard as the person being spanked wants it to be ! This is very important as otherwise one, or both of you, could end up feeling frustrated and to say the least, unsatisfied. Men, in particular, may not spank their spanking dates hard enough. It may have taken a lot of courage to ask for the spanking and this should be rewarded with the spanking being carried out as requested. If your partner is new, tell and show them (if necessary) what you want done.


Start with a mildly sun burnt bottom (you can use a sunlamp). Wear stretch shorts, particularly if you are being caned. Squeeze the bottom during the spanking (also works to control bruising) :


Spanking a wet bottom will also increase sensitivity, a mixture of water and glycerine can be used in a hand sprayer, some references call this a  ” contact fluid “, otherwise, wait until you / they come out of the shower, pool etc.  or wear wet clothes.


Put some  ”  hot cream ” (Chinese Tiger Balm, etc) on first. Do not use anything that runs or you / they may have some unexpected pain in unexpected areas and do not break the skin.

Shave the hair, or have it shaved, off your bottom first (this is for men, if you are a girl please send before and after shots). Apologies that this was not mentioned before   (I was reminded of the practice in an E-mail today). I first heard of this method from a lady who had spanked her 21 year old son.
(The previous time, some years before, there had been no hair on his bottom.)

Use a hot water bottle (as hot as you can stand).

Have a series of spankings.

Delete the warm-up.

Sitting on a hard (wood) surface immediately afterwards will get the nates throbbing (this assumes that a good job was done in the first place).

Go for a run afterwards, (uphill is more fun).



  1. Hi. I am looking for the most painful spanking method that does not result in permanent marks. Temporary bruises or welts are fine. Thank you.

  2. I am looking for the best visual effect some nice crisp lines across my bottom with minimal pain i like my spanking to hurt a bit but looking for the best implement for leaving the best visual effect for photos

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