Spanking in the kitchen

Perhaps this is why so many high-flyers indulge. Emma and Michael are city lawyers who met at a client’s drinks party last year. “Michael and I went out on a few dates,” says Emma. “He seemed like your regular kind of guy ­ hard-working, intelligent and into football and the opera. One day I was dressing a salad in the kitchen. I leant over to reach for the olive oil and felt a sharp slap on my backside. It definitely wasn’t just a friendly pat. That was when he first admitted he was into spanking. I suppose he could have worse foibles.”

…………… Oh, the cheek of it ! By Christopher Middleton,

Sunday London Times , April, 27, 1997

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Time to whip up some spanking fun in the kitchen ! The kitchen area is both a common location for spanking and a ready source of spanking implements.


This page will have a few ideas, recipes and some kitchen spanking pictures and stories. We shall also resurrect the SpankingLife FOOD and WINE LIST.




Number 6………….Kitchen utensils are found in your bedroom. 



Careful with these, they can leave marks and bruises ! Once I thought I found a solution. Breaking all the wooden spoons in the kitchen when a spanking was inevitable never seemed to do any good because Mom and Dad would buy more and then I’d get spanked for my original sin as well as breaking the spoons. But in 3rd grade Billy Lounsbury told me it hurt less if you laughed while getting the spoon, so I thought I’d give it a try. Dad’s response was, ” You think this is funny ? It doesn’t hurt ? ” Which warranted a second round, twice as hard. That sucked so I passed the advice onto my little sisters. I haven’t seen Billy since 6th grade, but I hear he’s now in jail. Serves him right.

………….. Whatever, whenever




(Originally a round donut shaped piece of leather from Roman times.) Be careful with the corners, they can cut and bruise. Spatulas may be covered with a sock.

Chocolate recipe and the psychology of chocolate

Considered one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs and a highly sensuous, forbidden food, chocolate provides the perfect prelude to sensual,  romantic and spanking ” intercourse “. Below is a list of our favourite ways to enjoy this fun appetiser !

  1. Freshly dipped chocolate covered strawberries hand feed to each other.
  2. Melted chocolate dripped over your partner’s body to be licked and or spanked off, either quickly or slowly.
  3. Chocolate covered peanuts or almonds and other bite size chocolates to be used as commodities for a game of spank / strip poker.
  4. Chocolate cake frosting for use as body paint.
  5. Leaving sensual hints and/or notes in the ” tag ” of Hershey’s Kisses.
  6. Bringing a gift of a chocolate rose bouquet as an alternative to fresh roses.
  7. Chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sprinkles to be used as the ultimate chocolate human sundae !
  8. Leaving a trail of Dove Promises from the door to the bed with a note of the spanking and other events planned.
  9. Sharing chocolate cookie dough (or ice cream) between spankings.
  10. Sharing an intimate moment in the nude together with the classic solid milk chocolate bar and wooden paddle.

Why Eating Chocolate is almost as good asGetting a Spanking :

You can eat chocolate anywhere, alone or in company, and no-one looks at you funny.

You can sit down after eating chocolate without saying “Ouch”

You can get chocolate any time.

It makes you feel good without making you feel bad first.

You enjoy it when people give you chocolate.

You can read, watch TV or use the computer while you eat chocolate.

Eating chocolate doesn’t make any noise to bother the neighbours.

YOU get to decide when, where and how much you have.

You can talk with your friends about eating chocolate.

It has pretty, colourful wrappers.

If you don’t want any, you can say no.

You don’t have to get into awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing positions to eat chocolate.

You don’t have to take any clothes off to eat chocolate.

Licking your fingers after chocolate is more satisfying than after spanking.

You can have chocolate in rush hour traffic on the freeway.


Why Getting a Spanking is Better than Eating Chocolate :

It isn’t fattening.

It’s free.

It’s good for you.

It reaches parts that chocolate can’t.

There aren’t many story sites about eating chocolate.

You meet all sorts of interesting people in the spanko-world.

It’s good exercise for your lungs, and a pretty good workout all round.

Chocolate doesn’t get you nearly as excited.

Your kids can’t steal it from you.

You get way more attention from your partner during a spanking than while eating chocolate.

People don’t give your bottom lovely tender massages after eating chocolate.

“If you don’t behave yourself, young lady, I’ll give you a Mars Bar”…isn’t much of a threat.



And finally, some kitchen tips 😉

  • The dish towels are Not shop rags !
  • No, You Can Not use the large metal bread bowl to replace the rusted out grill bottom.
  • The colander is not to catch any aquatic life.
  • You may no longer scale fish in the house.
  • The butter knifes are not a screw driver.
  • The soup ladle is not to scoop out paint.
  • Flour and water does not make anything edible.
  • No, Hot pepper sauce doesn’t go into everything you cook.
  • Vegetables from the garden should be washed before serving. (the same goes for store bought potatoes).
  • The vegetable brush is not for boot cleaning.
  • Gutting and cleaning game of any kind is done outside.
  • The jelly roll pan is not to wash parts in.
  • The kitchen funnel is not to be taken and used to add transmission fluid to the car.
  • When using the mixer, turn it off before removing it from the bowl.
  • The pastry brush is not a paint brush.
  • Your fly paper doesn’t hang in the kitchen over the table.
  • You Can Not wash your tools in the kitchen sink.
  • The bread knife is not a pruning saw replacement.
  • Wooden spoons are not for spanking your mate.
  • Spatulas are not putty knifes.
  • No, an electric drill does not work like a mixer.
  • My wire Whips are Not for stirring paint.
  • The stew pot is Not to drain oil in.
  • My Tupperware is not for Your nuts-n-bolts, the same goes for my collector’s tins.
  • You do Not set my cook books on a hot electric burner.
  • My Chef knife is not an edger.
  • The kitchen sheers are not wire cutters.
  • The kitchen table is not to be used as an auto repair work bench.
  • My measuring cups are not for mixing two cycle gasoline.
  • It is unacceptable to keep fishing bait of any kind in the refrigerator.