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Dr. Block is well known to American visitors. Full details of her products and services are shown on her site.


Susan Block, Ph.D., Yale University, Class of 1977

Our attention was drawn when we read ” In fact, you’ll even find the good Dr. giving a spanking or two “  in a review of one of her video tapes, Spanking for Adults Only . SpankingLife has requested a copy of this tape, which will be reviewed here.

Here is the text of the review :

It has always amazed me how many of my sex partners enjoy being spanked. Erotic spanking is practiced by a lot of adults, and Spanking for Adults is an excellent introduction for those interested in exploring this form of sex play.

This is not your father’s sex education. In fact, you’ll even find the good Dr. giving a spanking or two. As she says, “…it is quite unorthodox and ‘unboundaried’ for the ‘expert’ in a sex educational video to join in on the fun. But, as those of you who know me know, I think those kinds of boundaries are false walls of mealy-mouthed, lily-livered, horse-pucky-laden hypocrisy”. Hear! Hear! A lot of sex education videos come off a bit like learning mountain climbing from a guy who’s never left Kansas. It is refreshing to learn about sex from someone who actually practices what she preaches.

Dr. Susan Block is a recognized sex therapist not because she has gone to school and gotten a doctorate, although she has. Even Dr. Laura has one of those. What she has done is spend the last few years talking to real people about their sexuality, through both her practice as a sex therapist, and her live call-in show. Besides giving advice, she also listens, and is open to what people tell her. This wide-ranging insight based on what people really do sexually is sadly lacking in the narrow worldviews of so many so-called sex experts. Okay, it also helps that she enjoys being spanked herself, but she also provides a diversity of viewpoints beyond her own.

The segments in this video come from her live cable show (featuring her trademark drop-frame video style), after parties at the Speakeasy, and original material. Some of the segments feature questions that are called in, such as a woman who wants to know how to get her boyfriend interested in spanking, or an immigrant who doesn’t understand why so many American women like to be spanked. During the answers to these questions, there is lots of footage of spankings of all types, although the emphasis is on bare hands on bare bottoms.

There are several guests who discuss their feelings about spanking. College student Regan talks about how she likes to be spanked. Lavonne talks about how the sound of spanking is a big turn-on for her.  Gary describes how the sensation of spanking effects him. Nikki Sinn talks about being spanked while wearing white cotton panties. It is very helpful to hear these people describe their fascination with being spanked, and makes it seem much more normal and fun.

There are also several segments with spanking demonstrations. One segment features Kiss being spanked to orgasm. Another couple, Megan and Kai, calls in, then winds up at the studio where Dr. Block gives Megan a spanking. Cammy gives her submissive girlfriend Nina a fairly hard spanking while Nina answers some questions about spanking. Cynthia describes how she likes to have her hair pulled while being spanked, and Dr. Block obliges.

I especially liked that she included a segment on historical art featuring spanking. It was a nice change of pace, and shows how spanking between adults has been practiced for a long time. She shows drawings from the 1700’s on up to a video clip of a Bettie Page spanking.

There are segments where Dr. Block explains the physiology of spanking, the psychology of spanking, and other important aspects, but this is definitely not a talking head video. There is always plenty to watch, much of it very erotic (especially if you enjoy seeing bare bottoms being spanked as women writhe in ecstasy- and a couple of guys get spanked as well).

Frankly, most sex education tapes are boring as hell. This manages to never be boring, offering a nice blend of basic information, people’s experiences, and lots and lots of spanking.


It think so as well!



  1. Everyone should try it at least just once! I don’t like a really rough spanking but maybe a light foreplay spanking!

  2. Who knew that spanking was this old. What’s most interesting is the psychology behind why some find it arousing. It is kind of remarkable how one can turn something that was a triggering aspect of their life to something that gives them pleasure.

  3. The whole spanking fetish is hinted about and flirted with in mainstream culture, but we really don’t actually talk about it. Would be great to find out more from Dr. Block about this subject

  4. It would not be possible to find a professional more able to speak fluently on spanking and a thousand other sex topics than Dr. Susan Block because she’s a rare expert whose clients over the years have provided her with an array of unique knowledge. Plus she’s good-hearted with a pro-client, pro-satisfaction perspective.

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