Spanking implement: Carpet beaters

(Care  light wipe over with damp cloth. Use a small amount of furniture polish to stop from drying out. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place.)


James Bond ends up being tortured in a nasty way with a carpetbeater.

……… from a review of Casino Royale

Carpet beaters come in many shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials, including willow, cane and various metals. They must be brought down parallel to the bottom and may bruise the skin. From the receivers point of view, they have a pleasing all over effect and if used too violently, they break !


Bending over is the most popular position for their use, although other positions are used, as shown above (see POSITIONS ).


In an unconfirmed interview, Britt Ekland was reported to have said  ” ………… or sent to get the carpet beater. sometimes I think the carpet beater knew my bare bottom better than it knew the carpets. ” – also on a one hour talk show devoted entirely to Britt Ekland she spoke about it more. (interviewer) ” I believe your father was very strict. ” (Britt Ekland) ” to say the least. ” (int) ” you’ve said before he beat you frequently. ” (b.e.) ” yes, he spanked me, not just with his hand in fact, he used whatever he could get his hands on to bring me up properly, he used the carpet beater, a shoe, a wooden spoon, a hairbrush, once even a birch rod. I really dreaded the carpet beater, the march to get it from the kitchen cupboard was very long especially when you knew that this thing would soon whip your bare behind. ” (int) ” you had to undress ? ” (b.e.) ” yes, always on the bare, to smart more` he said. ” (int) ” when was the last time he punished you like that ? ” (b.e.) ” I had just turned eighteen and had been to a party, I was late and he had this system, he had a broomstick against the door and it didn’t matter how hard I tried to sneak in the handle fell and woke him up. ” (int) ” and what happened ? ” (b.e.) ” I didn’t see him that night but at seven the following morning he was in my room with the carpet beater, he took the covers off and I had to pull my pants down and lie across a pillow while he whipped me. ”

……. spanked celebrities

Agnetha Faltskog

In an interview in the Swedish magazine , Vecko-Revyn (2nd April, 1985), The Swedish singer from the popular 1970`s & 80`s pop group, Abba, was asked a question on the issue of spanking, and in the build up to the question the interviewer, obviously aware of the fact, referred to her being spanked with a carpet beater by her father when growing up.

………. Spanked Celebrities