Spanking implement: Martinet

“très sévère”

( Care – leather, light wipe over with damp cloth keep lightly creamed, English  Conolly products are the best available, but at a cost. Do not use anything with silicone in it. Keep in a dry place. )


spanking-martinet-implement_martinet1_small spanking-martinet-Martinets_on_chair_smallspanking-martinet-draw_FF_martinet_1_small

The martinet is a French implement, styled after the cat of nine tails. The tails are much lighter, generally leather shoe laces. Martinets were to France as the cane is to England or the hairbrush to America. Martinets were found in many, if not most, French homes with school goers.

spanking-martinet-martinettablemf_smallspanking-martinet-F_martinet_impact_small spanking-martinet-F_martinent_all_fours_small

These implements, when used in a moderate fashion, produce pink to light red lines.  The force of the blow is accentuated by the pivoting motion of the tails from the end of the handle.



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