Spanking prospecting


Spanking prospecting means taking a systematic approach to finding spanking partners. ( If you have not already done so, read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus   by John Gray.)

For success in this field it is most important to develop a  POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE   towards spanking and the more you know about it the easier it is to introduce it to others. Be as natural as you can be in your approach, remember that SPANKING IS FUN  and that it has a lot of positive things associated with it. (Why not make your own list ?).

There are three main ways to find your partner (this is a spanking partner that you are seeking, not necessarily a partner for life). This advice is intended for both men and women (who, by the way, we believe should be more active in the search for spanking partners). 

You can try personal contact, introduce the subject into conversation, if you do this light-heartedly you can always retreat.  

The first objective is to get a meaningful conversation started, everyone likes to talk about themselves, their work, ambitions etc. Become a good listener. Tell a spanking story or a joke and see who laughs. It is a bit like fishing, isn’t it ? Why not make a list of potential partners ?   

Do not write off prospects because of appearance, this seems not to be a major factor, although anyone who dresses to show off their buttocks or moves or holds themselves in a way to draw attention to their bottom should be towards the top of your prospect list.

Do not be put off by an initial hostile attitude, quite often this is just a defence to be overcome. On the other hand, people may be transfixed by the sight of a spanking, keep your eyes and ears open!


Take likely prospects to a movie with a spanking scene or better still rent a video. (See  SPANKINGS IN MOVIES AND TELEVISION .) 

A light smack on the bottom at the right time can do wonders. (See ” NOTHING NATURAL ” on the  BOOKS page.)  Many ” sound ” spankings have started out this way the recipient making no attempt to move away. If it goes wrong, we take no responsibility if you end up getting a free ride in a police car! This method works well for both men and women. 


You can advertise or answer personal advertisements. The most important things are honesty in saying what you are looking for (this includes discussing the method and LEVEL of spanking play). Look after your safety, particularly on the first meeting. ( CLICK HERE for some safety tips)  If you are serious rent a post office box (or use an e-mail address).  Use your body, see    SPANKING TATTOOS .


Attending spanking social functions is another avenue.


A Man’s Guide to Finding Spankable Women

Why do ladies find having their bottoms spanked so erotic?


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