What kind of spanko are you?


Vanilla: You really aren’t a spanko at all. In fact, you are probably wondering how you wound up taking this quiz anyway. You cant see any reason why adults would be interested in spanking each other when there are so many other fun things to do in this world.¬† Fortunately, there is enough room in this world for vanillas and spankos too.


Playful: You are all about having fun and enjoying yourself whether giving or receiving a spanking. As far as you’re concerned, spankings are all about pleasure not pain. You may or may not be involved with your local spanko group, and you might consider them to be a little bit too serious for your taste with all their rules and regulations.

Moderate: You are a dedicated spanko who knows what the scene is all about. You pay careful attention to your partners needs, believe strongly in communication, and work hard to make sure that everyone is satisfied. You might believe in the occasional spanking for purposes of domestic discipline, but its just as likely that you spank only for recreation. You can play from mild to severe as long as there is a clear understanding of limits, expectations, and safewords.

Extreme: You believe that spanking is about pain, punishment, and domination. For you, spanking is not about recreation or fun at all – at least not for the person receiving it. Instead, you see it as a serious deterrent for bad behavior. You are not overly concerned about crying and markings since these things are very temporary, but the message of submission and discipline is long lasting indeed. You are likely to be involved in or seeking a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.