How to react on a spanking


This page shows the results of spankings , both in images and words. In a sense , we are working from both ends , showing facial and other expressions in the first section. While the second section records the moment of contact with the bottom. The last section contains verbal descriptions.

( We apologise for having few male receiving images , we welcome all contributions. ) 


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The above images show the rippling effect of the shock wave caused by the blow to the bottom. The image below is unusual in that it has captured to rebounding ripple of the previous impact. ( It is also possible that it may have been taken as the hand is being withdrawn , nether the less it does illustrate the point. )


Crack ! His hand came down on me again , in exactly the same place , and this time it stung. Crack ! A third time , and yet again in the same place. My Master normally varied his strokes , spreading them evenly around my backside , which at least gave the tortured skin some moments of reprieve before they were flayed again ; this time , for some reason , he had changed his approach. Again and again , and once more again his hand landed square on the same , reddened , maddened patch of skin. The pain was excruciating , each moment of impact sending arrows of pain deep into my agitated nerve endings.

…… Harriet