Sauna spanking

( Part of our  SPANKING LOCATIONS  series. )

Saunas are a particularly suitable place for spanking because of their privacy and sound absorbing properties. Careful planning about which implements to use may be required because of space limitations. Canes take the most space, but shorter versions can be used. Birches are another possibility in keeping with the Scandinavian theme.

The heating for the sauna does not necessarily have to be on and quiet late night spankings may be given in a sauna. The ventilation system may have to be improved if the door is shut.


Another sensual variation is to have a pool or spa nearby ( See :   POOL and SPA SPANKING . ) One technique is for the person to be spanked to sit in the spa or pool for a few minutes wearing a pair of cotton shorts prior to entering the sauna to be spanked.

An outside sauna gives added noise protection, if discretely placed, and going to it can be like being taken to the woodshed ( without the neighbours knowing ! ).

Saunas come in all shapes and sizes and all saunas need to have brushes hanging on the wall !