The guide for male to male spanking


Male to male spanking is one of the ” mixes ” of spanking activity . It can be a controversial subject for a number of reasons, including childhood abuse. But nevertheless, a proportion of our visitors are interested in this topic. Female to female spanking is much more widely accepted. Spankinglife keeps spanking and sexuality separated for a number of reasons, one of these being that a sizable number of male to male spankers are not ” gay “. ( This separation also makes it easier for partners to ” play ” with others without the other partner thinking that they may be having an affair. ) Spanking purists regard the quality of the spanking as being the most important aspect of spanking, in this there is a male advantage because of generally superior strength and greater development of the gluteus maximus.


Male to male and female to female interests can develop from home and school experiences, others may come to it later in life. Quite a few participants include this with other ” mixes ” of spanking.

We try to keep sex out of the spanking equation for various reasons ( see  FAQ  Page ). Likewise, the sex of the participants is not regarded as a major factor in our pages. Our visitors are interested in the following approximate ” mixes ” in spanking :

55 %  Male / Female

30 %  Female / Male

10 %  Female / Female

5 % Male / Male

This ratio is replicated in our pages, where possible. ( Some things are difficult to come by, for example, Female / Male cartoons from the 1950 ‘s. )

Many visitors are interested in more than one ” mix “, e.g. ” SWITCHES ” who reverse roles.

Males go about spanking differently with other males, there is less socialising or discussion, rather they prefer to get on with it. This is noticeable with parties, if these are mixed, little actual spanking takes place for the first hour.

We have a number of male to male images around the site ( mostly, images are grouped by subject ), some of these will be copied to this page. The fist images do not appear elsewhere on the site.

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