Bratting is a form of role play, as it is used in an adult spanking context. The idea is to have behaviour that is so outrageous that the perpetrator is spanked for it. Brats are generally teenage or young adult females. But there are also male brats and those from older age groups also may do a bit of bratting, say in an ” adult ” school context. Bratting may be a part of age regression.



So baby, what if I stomp my foot?
And cross my arms,
Scowl at you?:
Will you turn away?
Or will you see it through?
And if I ignore what you say,
With a toss of my hair,
Mumble under my breath.
Will you turn away?
Or will my bottom be bare?
What if I should break,
Every rule that we’ve said.
Toss it up in your face,
Will you turn away?
Or turn my backside bright red?
See I need to know,
If you’ll take a stand.
Step up to the challenge.
Because if you turn away,
They’ll be another willing hand.
…. Valorie Mall

Some women become very effective at ” winding up ” their spanking partners.

The terms bratting, brat etc. are most likely American in origin and are commonly used when talking about the children of US servicemen (¬†” Army Brat “¬† etc. ).