How to do a massage for spanking


Spanking is another form of Swedish or, more closely, Deep Tissue Massage. Most  Spanking Positions  are suitable for massaging the bottom, but the prone position, shown above, or over the knee with the head and chest supported are best ( with some limitation of strokes using OTK).


Massage can be used to prepare for a spanking, as part of a warm up or afterwards as part of the ” repair ” process. It is also used  during rest breaks.

Massage may be a part of  ” Prospecting ” for spanking partners.


The Swedish approach classifies 5 types of strokes:

  • Effleurage – gliding
  • Petrissage – kneading
  • Friction – rubbing
  • Tapotement – pounding
  • Vibration – shaking

Each type of stroke offers different benefits.

Therapists focus most often on client relaxation using this technique, relying mostly on gliding and kneading strokes, as well as oils and lotions. Clients typically receive a full-body massage that lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

This form of massage is most effective after a spanking and may take hours. Some recipients fall asleep during this process. ( Easily remedied by a few smart slaps !)


Deep-tissue massage consists of slower strokes and more pressure. The therapist targets deeper muscle groups after first warming the soft tissues.

Clients frequently find deep-tissue massage less comfortable, and not necessarily more effective, unless used properly. Depending on the goals of the massage session, simply using more pressure will not improve the results.

Therapists also use deep-tissue massage to help break up scar tissue. Most of the strokes, however, remain fundamentally the same as with more superficial Swedish massage, used for relaxation.

Many other western massage techniques rely heavy on deep-tissue work: These include :

Deep Tissue Massage is used to repair soreness and swelling after a spanking, see :  BEFORE AND AFTER A SPANKING . ( Basically, the technique is to gradually break the swollen area into sections by applying finger pressure to force the blood etc. out of the area. This may take some time and cause a temporary increase in pain. ( Note : DO NOT USE aspirin, it thins the blood, increasing swelling and bruising.


  • Use the fingernails to lightly ” draw ” on the bottom.
  • The hair on male bottoms is sensitive to a light touch over the skin. After a sustained bare bottom spanking this hair may be worn away, leaving a short stubble, the equivalent to a five o’clock shadow on the face. The nerves at the roots of this stubble are very sensitive to touch at this time. The best way is to lightly move the hand over the area. Wearing a sock or mitten increases the feeling. This pleasurable sensation will be present, even though the rest of the bottom may be numb from the spanking.

More information is available by searching the net for ” Swedish Massage ” and ” Deep Tissue Massage “.



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