Spanking mixes

Spankings contain various elements, such as the people involved, TYPE OF SPANKING , POWER EXCHANGE , POSITION , LEVEL , IMPLEMENT , LOCATION , CLOTHING etc..

This page deals with a major part of the ” people ” element, the sex of the participants. Possible ” mixes ” are :




( NOTE : We regard Cross – Dressers as having the sex of their clothing. )


Each of these combinations have their own dynamics and will change the way in which the above elements present themselves in a spanking. These variations are one of adult spanking’s attractions. This subject is dealt with on each ” mix ” page.

Sexuality and adult spanking are intertwined for many people, but there are others who do not regard it as a factor, they are only interested in the act of spanking.

Keeping sex and spanking separate makes it easier to find spanking partners ( especially if they have a non spanking partner ).

Spanking Labels
” I’ve oft times thought that people into spanking and BDSM ought to come with labels. “

We try to keep sex out of the spanking equation for various reasons ( see FAQ Page ). Likewise, the sex of the participants is not regarded as a major factor in most of our pages. Our visitors are interested in the following approximate ” mixes ” in spanking :

55 % Male / Female

30 % Female / Male

10 % Female / Female

5 % Male / Male

This ratio is replicated in our pages, where possible.

Many visitors are interested in more than one ” mix “, e.g. ” SWITCHES ” who reverse roles.

Do you want to spank or be spanked ?


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