How to tell a woman that she should lead


Dear Aunt Vera,

Hello, my name is Eric, and thanks for the wonderful website! I wish there were more like yours that are so informative and thoughtful in scope and presentation.  Anyway, my question:

My wife and I are both late 30s, advanced degreed professionals, and She has been the assertive head of the household almost since we married- 11 yrs ago. Which is fine and as it should be, of course.  The thing is, we arrived at this situation by a natural process of ‘trial and error’, discovering WHO was better suited to handle WHAT.  My dilemma is, any suggestions about her exercising her authority, that is disciplining me (when I admittedly need it), are met with almost utter revulsion. I’m confused here. My wife IS the
assertive leader, I AM the obedient follower.  But she doesn’t want to acknowledge this.  Any ideas on how I might open the communication lines with her about this?

Finally, I am not trying to make a sex fantasy of this – really! But I am well aware that her giving me an occasional sound spanking would be good for the BOTH of us.  This only seems natural and entirely healthy, and I DO want her to know how I feel.  ANY ideas at all will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Eric

When looking at spankings what your wife may at first see is the apparent violence but if she would allow herself to look at the whole process closely, I am sure she would change her mind. In this day and age of political correctness the total misunderstanding of the essence of spankings is not surprising. Spankings can be very erotic and sensuous as there is nothing as sexy as a warm hand on a nice derrière. But  first and foremost please let me say that there is much therapeutic value to spankings. Spankings can be a great way to dissipate a lot of bad energy. What I mean by this is I have noticed, in my Significant Other, that when he gets a little crazy, temperamental and out of sorts there is nothing like a good spanking to help him come out of his bad moods. After a good spanking he glows and I noticed that it was like a release of the bad pent up energy that he could not deal with directly. Sometimes spanking him helps me deal with my occasional displeasure with him. In both cases the spankings was good for both of us. I view spanking him as a necessary process where I help him to deal with something that he can not do for himself easily. After the spanking we are closer, more loving and happier. Tell your wife that sometime a process that causes some small physical pain can be great for the psyche. Talk to her and start slow. I would also suggest that she experience a mild spanking herself. Start very lightly, with your hand only. Maybe if she sees that spanking is not a horrid violence then she might take up the torch and enjoy the wonderful world of spankings with you as the happy recipient!!  

Aunt Vera